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19th Jul 2002, 09:26
I was web surfing when I just decided to read the reviews of tomb raider I went to


and started to read and i will post some of what they said:

No one has ever managed to make a good movie out of a video game.

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider is no exception.

Loud, tedious, boring and self-important, this movie offers nothing fresh, original or surprising. The plot, the characters, even the special effects, are second-rate, recycled cliches.

The barely coherent plot involves the search for some ancient artifacts that will endow the owner with power to manipulate time, if used at the moment of a rare eclipse. Lara Croft (Angelina Jolie), the filthy-rich daughter of a dead British lord (Jon Voight, Ms. Jolie's real-life father), reckons she can use the items to bring Daddy back to life. She is pitted against a bunch of old men in suits who want to rule the universe, apparently.

The basic problem is with the source material. "Tomb Raider" is a popular game, to be sure, but Lara Croft is not a character. She is an action figure, like a G.I. Joe with breasts.

Five writers are credited on the movie, which might be taken as evidence that nobody had any idea how to turn the digital Lara into a living being. Instead, they fall back on the mind-numbing video-game formula, where the answer to every obstacle is more bullets.

It is common in Hollywood to justify movies as stupid as this one by saying they are aimed at teen-age males, the implication being that boys are indiscriminate morons.

I hate how she said that it is based on a mindless game with a person who has NO character and how she said it is based on
on just shooting when everyone on this forum knows that this stuff is not true, Because I feel Lara Croft has one of the best videogame life backgrounds there are. What also ticks me off is how this woman said that this movie is only targeted at 14 year old boys When there are just as much women as men who play this game. What do you all think?

19th Jul 2002, 10:16
As I am a 34year old woman I guess I no right whatsoever to watch the Tomb Raider movie then. But what the hey!!!! I thought the movie was good, not brilliant, but good. The effects were good but the story was crap. The next one will improve I hope!!!!http://westwoodi.net/~smilies/otn/animals/shakin.gif

19th Jul 2002, 11:13
Badly written hack review.
Phrases like "barely coherent plot" are just another way of saying "I'm a tool. A thick tool. An unbelievably moronic tool. Tool tool tool."

Someone - I think it was Terry Gilliam - once said that when a critic actually makes a movie, and knows first hand what is involved in film production, then he will start to respect that critics POV.

In the meantime, they are no more qualified than Joe Bloggs (the man in the street) to pass judgement as any kind of 'voice of authority'.

19th Jul 2002, 11:15
Besides, bad reviews get more popularity. Look at this one which has made it all the way here, as opposed to all the good reviews which wont be seen here...

Lady in Black
20th Jul 2002, 03:52
I didn't thought that the movie was that bad. Actually I thought the movie was pretty good. Not because I have no taste in movies, it's just my opinion. And one thing I thought Angelina was a GRRRREAT Lara Croft. ;)

20th Jul 2002, 04:14
I personally never pay attention to critics' reviews of movies. They never really look into a movie.

I loved the Tomb Raider movie!


21st Jul 2002, 01:34
That guy who made that stink'n review must be a PURE IDIOT :mad: :mad: ;)

Tomb raider movie is really great, no dought !;)