View Full Version : BO2 - last fight with Sarafan Lord

19th Jul 2002, 09:08
Does anyone have any tips on beating this guy (ie the sarafan lord at the end)? I have tried getting Kain to fire telekinetic blasts at him, and jump attacks, but I have trouble aiming quickly enough during the pause between series' of blasts from the reaver and get hit a bit too much as a result. I can't think of other ways but of course I might just not have thought about it enough yet. I don't want to go looking for walkthroughs as I managed the rest of the game without it, but wouldn't mind a pointer if anyone would like to give me one.


19th Jul 2002, 09:24
Really the only way of doing it is to dodge the blasts from him... then set it up so on the final blast (of his) you land and begin to set yourself up to hit him with a mental blast of your own. Directly after that you have to jump and hit him off the ledge. After that I'll leave it up to you to figure out on your own.

19th Jul 2002, 19:58
Patience is the key , I tried for about an hour before finally Knocking him off the ledge.

20th Jul 2002, 04:48
Thanks for that - it sounds as though I was on the right track but need to be a bit more patient :)

24th Jul 2002, 21:17


1-Dodge the energy spheres. There are two ways.
1-A-Autotarget the SL and dodge left or right.
1-B-Jump over the 1st energy sphere, Crouch under the 2nd energy sphere, then jump over the 3rd.
2-After the 3rd energy sphere, quickly target the SL's head with your TELEKENISIS.
3-Immediately switch to Dark Gift Jump, and jump attack the SL.

(Hint: SL usually attacks with a series of five attacks)

1-BLOCK the five attacks to build up your rage meter.
2-After the fifth attack, immediately dodge left or right to avoid his red power attack. (Don't wait for the sword to glow red. SL attacks so fast that if you see his sword glow red, then it's already too late to dodge the attack.)
3-When your Rage Meter is completely filled, attack SL using one of your Dark Gifts. (I won't tell you which one. I'll save you the fun of discovering that on your own.)
4-Three Dark Gift Attacks should be enough bring you to the next battle.

THIRD (and last) FIGHT:

1-Block the five attacks and dodge the red attacks same as you did in the Second Battle.
2-Your Dark Gifts are useless, don't bother using them.
3-Wait for SL to tire so that he stops and you see his breath, then while he is breathing heavy, find a way to impale him (a combination of two moves).
4-Impale the SL three times and you are victorious.