View Full Version : PSone games

19th Jul 2002, 07:25
I need some PSone games. Anyone reccomend any? And I'm not just talking about new PSone games, I am talking about old ones too.

19th Jul 2002, 07:37
Well... it got an absolute slating, but I really enjoyed "Danger Girl".

I am a big fan of the comic books on which it was based, and it plays like a more basic Tomb Raider.

Nothing original, but fun.

Millennium Soldier:Expendable is a hoot, too.

19th Jul 2002, 10:24
Final Fantasy, any of the Spyro or Crash Bandicoot games!!! There is a lot of PSone games out there now that are dirt cheap so browse about!!!

19th Jul 2002, 11:10
C-12 is awesome!

It's about robots harvesting humans for their carbon. You play a character that ends up getting cybernetically enhanced as he goes on. It's pretty fun and has awesome looking enemies, just watch out for the cheesy "Only you can do it!" heroic crap...

19th Jul 2002, 17:30
A couple of puzzles....some against the ticking clock.
Lots of climbing, jumping, shooting and button - combo moments.

19th Jul 2002, 21:34
*m* Crash Bandicoot is a platform game, very animated, and musical!! A childish pleasure on the eyes and ears - very addictive!!!http://pages.prodigy.net/rogerlori1/emoticons/fairy.gif