View Full Version : Bringing back memories for the Elders

19th Jul 2002, 04:25
I was trying to find a SID or MP3 of the theme from the old c64 game Warhawk the other day and came across this fun site (if you actually owned one of these back in the day):


It's basically people covering the tunes from the old games with new equipment. It's a little difficult to navigate, but my favourite so far is this one:


I'm still looking for a really good cover of the theme from "Druid II: Enlightenment" (AKA the "Fairlight loading theme"). I have one one a CDR somewhere, but I'm too lazy to find it. This one I'm listening to right now by Red Devil is cool, but isn't as true to the original as it might be.

19th Jul 2002, 04:30
Cool, have you ever heard of the Minibosses? They're a rock band that redoes old game tunes (no vocals of course... but it's done with a simple drums guitar and bass).
Also if they're on this site I apologize... (I haven't looked yet).

19th Jul 2002, 04:42
Somehow I just knew some of Darren Izzard's stuff would be on there! Too freakin' cool!!

Edit: And thank you for the indirect reminder that I reeeeeally need to email him!! :D ;)

19th Jul 2002, 04:50
The Minibosses are cool, but they (AFAIK) deal with material several years after this. I've heard them doing mostly NES-era stuff. I had a lot of fun with my NES, but the c64 has a special place in my heart.

21st Jul 2002, 22:53
Ah, here we go:


Only I could do a better job =).