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19th Jul 2002, 03:21
Get 'em now! The <b>Demon Wings</b> are available. I made these for Purah and Calendra's Legacy. He did a sweet skin for em.
<img src="http://schwaa.0catch.com/images/CLWings.jpg">
I also added <b>Crom's Blade</b> with a player arm, <b>Lit Candles</b> that can be extinguished and relit, <b>CobraMan</b> is ready, The <b>Trickster</b> is available and he'll wiggle his tail for you.
I forgot to add a txt file to the wings, they will move up and down a bit, here's how.

Demon Wings Update:

... this way will give the AI a little more movement making the wings look alive instead of just pasted on.
Along with the AI's movement it looks pretty good.
Specs for AI:


Mesh Joint 18
X: 0
Y: 0
Z: 1.2
Just make the wings under the main object hiearchy, you might try but its probably best to not give them
any props, just so AI's won't collide with them, ect...

Specs for Wings:

primary: 1
X: -2
Y: -20


Engine Features: Frob Info {None, None, None}

create a blue room switch, have it frobbed to turn on the wings with a CD link.

19th Jul 2002, 09:25
Sweet :)

Hm... would it be possible to make an AI that looks like the Cthulhu-Statue from Lost City? It's not for my current mission, but it might be quite cool.

Maybe some tentactles thingies could be attached to the face of a normal AI, and then the wings. Hmm...

19th Jul 2002, 20:42
I'm too busy right now Lytha to make any models, I've had this stuff for awhile and just got around to releasing it.

There can only be one object attached to an AI, or I haven't figured out how to get more, the second attach would never show in my attempts. So attaching wings AND tentecales would be hard.

19th Jul 2002, 22:43
Don't think anything about this, I was just thinking aloud. :)

I love your custom objects, schwaa. You're really da man! :D

22nd Jul 2002, 14:04
Originally posted by schwaa
...The Trickster is available and he'll wiggle his tail for you.

Aww...What a cutie. :o

Those wings look very cool. I still want to use the Skully B's in a FM as I have a real weakness for skeletons. If I did use them, I would like to add custom sounds for their feet and give them some new screams and chattering. Would you permit me to do that?

22nd Jul 2002, 17:10
Sure GumDrop, that would be fine.

If you make some sounds could I add them to the pack?

23rd Jul 2002, 23:29
Originally posted by schwaa
If you make some sounds could I add them to the pack?

Thee offers a fair trade Taffer. :)

I know there's some nice bone sound FX to be had from them skellies in TRIV, but the viewer utilities I used in the past to look through the sound files don't work with XP. :(

I managed to knock up my first custom skin today (thanks to Thorin's paint by numbers guide) and will have a go at a new zombie skin to match. Coupled with your Skully's they should add a little freshness to my FM.


24th Jul 2002, 01:11
That skin is AWESOME!!!

24th Jul 2002, 15:00
Thanks Schwaa...I'm still working on him, and I would like to add some clanking armour sounds to replace the rustling chains.