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Umah Bloodomen
19th Jul 2002, 02:41
I am going to need a complete list of all the current Clan of the Unseen Fangs members.

This is to create a master list so I can properly generate a form to accept new members on the web site.

Current members, please respond here and include your signature image(s) so we can keep those for our database and display them along with your name in the Member Directory.

Thanks a lot!

19th Jul 2002, 02:49
Yah, I get to go first on the list. :D

And Umah my last post before deleting was sarcastic, no offence intended, sorry. :(

19th Jul 2002, 04:50
I'm still a covert member.;) I've never honestly made a Clan signature (or any other, for that matter) that I was particularly thrilled with.

19th Jul 2002, 05:11

19th Jul 2002, 05:11
Well here I am... I think... can't honestly remember if I ever signed the thing or not. But I figure, well, I'm working on the website, so I guess I must be attached somehow...

19th Jul 2002, 06:07
The Saint is here...

19th Jul 2002, 06:59
Overlord Az, reporting for duty

19th Jul 2002, 07:59
Me's Here :D

19th Jul 2002, 08:15
Hallo! :D

Lady Kreliana
20th Jul 2002, 20:15
Here comes the bride. (Or am I the princess, or none of the above. I keep forgetting! X_X)

20th Jul 2002, 20:27
im here!

but i dont have a clan sig...

20th Jul 2002, 22:41

20th Jul 2002, 23:26
I don't have a sig image

Umah Bloodomen
20th Jul 2002, 23:33
Originally posted by Lady Kreliana
Here comes the bride. (Or am I the princess, or none of the above. I keep forgetting! X_X)
Mallinger is our little princess now, Kreliana. :p

For those of you who don't have sigs (and you don't necessarily have to have TCoTUF in your sig, (so don't worry) you may want to ask around to see if someone will make one for you (or make one yourself). I no longer make sigs for anyone so please refrain from asking me. (I am still on my temporary retirement LOL).
Perhaps darien_specter would be interested in becoming our sig designer?

Apocrypha Roxy
21st Jul 2002, 00:31
I will gladly make signature images for anyone interested - I've done mine, I've done one for Azazel005 (who I don't think is a clan member, but his sig image is cool!) and for Chuffy (who also I don't think is a clan member, but his sig image is cool - and I'm putting it up on my page now). Az005 and Chuffy, if you become members of the Clan, I can always add the insignia.

Anyone else who needs one, tell me how you'd like it, or leave it up to me if you want a gothic look. If you find a pattern/image you like too, send it to me in email (.bmp, .jpg, or .gif) and I'll do the job. Specify if you'd like anything else.

-patiently waits- :cool:

-btw this is Az005's-

-and this is Chuffy's-