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Finders Keepers
19th Jul 2002, 00:03
Okay: I'm down in the sewer. I come to a room with water on the floor and two big sewer-pipe openings. The one on the left has a grate covering the opening. The one on the right has no grate. I've tried to get into the right-side opening but cannot. If you stand under it and try mantling up, it doesn't work. If you take a running leap into it, you get stuck. I've tried to crouch once I get stuck, but that always (oddly enough) pushes me backwards.

Am I missing something? (If I'm supposed to be finding another way into this area, please let me know, but don't give me directions on how to do it . . . . . yet.):rolleyes:

19th Jul 2002, 00:18
and until you run into a group of little people down there (be very careful) they use a word that is what you think you heard LOL There's some important items with them you'll need...like a key mostly...but apparently not from where you are? I can't place where you are exactly in your sewer but you'll need to find it :) Ta and Good Hunting!