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18th Jul 2002, 23:34
I was just showing Kidgarrett the Site for Thievery UT and I DL'ed the lastest mod,patches, and mutator.. My next question is it is ready for play?

18th Jul 2002, 23:50
I'm pretty (99.9%) sure it is.
Seems I read some stuff a few weeks ago about it being done and taffers were playing it. I can't though because I only have the demo.

18th Jul 2002, 23:50
on-line to check it out already :D There are a few servers up including one for Leatherman aka One Taffer...he has ported it to Linux and seems to be running just fine. Only thing is, you need a password to get on his. Of course his is limited access right now so you can try any of the others in the meantime. If there are too many players you won't get connected..and sometimes hard to tell if that one is filled up. Just because of the way it's set-up...looks like there's room but really isn't...and the only true reading is if you put that server in your fav's tab and will show you something like 8/8 but when you view it in the normal Thievery tab or Populated...it's shows numbers completely different. You'll see what I mean :) Anyhow, when you do get connected and you hit the esc key to get to the menue to find internet games and try to join...it will load and then you get the option to select to be a guard or thief...or spectete and become a "rat" lol...it may behove you to spectete for a few games to see how it's played and what the maps look like. You really need to get familiar with maps and where loot is, etc. Some of these guys are pretty trickey in luring out a thief, etc. Then very important to preset up your weapons loadouts for both characters. So that's pretty much of what I have observed and how to get started...hope it helps ;) Ta and Good Hunting!

ps: Make sure you use Thievery .exe from your start/programs menue or if you make a short cut to it on your desktop...won't work right otherwise ;)

18th Jul 2002, 23:58
I DL'd the mod knowing that I have a copy of UT, but now I can't find it anywhere! :mad:

If push comes to taff' I will buy a new copy as it is cheap now - and I do so want to go head to BJ with some of you. Afterall T3 will have a multi-player option right? So I need to get some hours in.

I know some of you (Bravus, Huntress etc...) have had fun with UT in the past, so maybe we can really get something going here?

19th Jul 2002, 00:10
Looks like I'll have to brush the dust off my Ureal Turney afterall..

19th Jul 2002, 03:08
Yes, you need to play this mod! I was a very skeptical taffer when it came to multi-player Thief, but these guys have done an excellent job. This is a BETA release though, so although it is very playable, there are a number of bugs and only a limited number (okay, just one) of guard skins.

The sound is good, but not anywhere near as good as Thief. It is still possible to follow doors opening/closing, footsteps, and an invisible thief chugging a health potion.

The AI are pretty darn good also, as they will search for you and even relight torches.

The textures and locations are very Thief-like, and you may even forget that this mod is using UT.

As for hosting a server, it may be a while before that materializes. I have been successful in running TUT on my Linux comp, and can even host a game from time to time, but the dedicated server doesn't work, and it absolutely refuses to play the "co-operative thiefmatch".

19th Jul 2002, 03:41
Are there any plans to make this into a thief playable mission ? It's seems weird that a thief player, who doesn't own UT, can't play the game. :(

19th Jul 2002, 03:51
I don't think that will happen...afterall, they used the UT eng to make this thing...but gave it a twist by using the Thief vs Guard premise to get a multiplayer version working into this concept :) Now just get one of your many loot bags out of hiding and buy a copy of UT-GOTY and get to playing :D It's really so inexpensive now and join in...join us nowwww! ;)

LeatherMan...I've tried checking out your server today/tonight and it wasn't up...how come? That was fun with you and Vesper the other night and was looking to do more of the same...let me know what your doing now please?

Ta and Good Hunting!

19th Jul 2002, 03:53
I have the original Unreal game. Can I play it from that CD or not ?

19th Jul 2002, 04:31
now just start hunting for your nice brand new shiney copy of UT...!!! LOL then get yourself to your local download site and while your downloading...get yourself a nice refreshment and a newspaper to read or whatever..while you wait :) It's around 120mgs more or less :) Now get to gettin taffer! :D Ta and Good Hunting!

19th Jul 2002, 04:46
Yeah, I seen it clocked at 120 megs. I downloaded CL over a few nights so I have no problem doing it but really don't need another new game right now. ( Too, too many now!) Morrowind is neat, and it was fun to play but I doubt anyone would make a new full mission for it -- as it is way too big (and too complex) to finish a full homemade mission.

19th Jul 2002, 05:04
don't want to have some fraggin fun with your buds??? Hmmmm??? Now what difference does it make if you get another game in your collection...you know you will...and this is special :) You'll get to play with some of us in Thievery and also from time to time in UT itself on LeatherMan's server. He does have one up and running for that although it's kindof hit and miss when we're there lately...but Vesper, bravus, Salvage, TafferTwo (One Taffer's better half) myself and One Taffer (aka LeatherMan) and theBlackman (will join in soon I hope) and maybe Gummie (whenever he finds his copy :D ) can have some fraggin fun there as well. I sure wish ricknmel would get a regular copy too so he can rejoin us...come on rnm...what are ya waitin for???? The waters fine :D Ta and Good Hunting!

19th Jul 2002, 07:12
Okay, you want a testamonial to Thievery...

I've been playing in for a week solid, even forgoing sleep, under the nick of Squid. It's awesome. I haven't had this much fun with a video game in quite awhile. And, to top everything off, it feels like I'm playing Thief! Really, all fans of Thief need to download this by whatever means necessary and play this game! You will not be disappointed.


19th Jul 2002, 14:13
My number one Thievery tip is play the game offline and learn the layout of the maps and where the loot is.

19th Jul 2002, 15:26
I got a copy of Unreal Tournament with my sound card (along with Deus Ex and Thief 2 - lucky me!!:D); anyhow, as soon as this came out, I took UT out of the box, installed it, downloaded the patch (because I can't go on multi-player games with out the latest patch, it says), and tried installing that...but I can't. It tells me it can not find one of the files (which, btw, IS on the disk). Soooo...I'm very dissapointed. :(
Do I need the UT patch to play this? Will the Thievery patch work without it? (Here's hoping!!:D)

19th Jul 2002, 23:58
Originally posted by THEthief
I got a copy of Unreal Tournament with my sound card ... latest patch ... tried installing that...but I can't.

Do I need the UT patch to play this? Will the Thievery patch work without it?
Yes, you need to patch to v436. For the Creative bundled version you need the No Delta (http://www.3dgamers.com/dl/games/unrealtourn/utpatch436nodelta.exe.html) patch, and no, ThieveryUT will not work without it. Let us know if you need any more help. :)

20th Jul 2002, 03:58
Thanks, LeatherMan - I'll try that one! :)

22nd Jul 2002, 06:03
But I do have a note from my wife's doctor for an excuse.

Yes Thievery (as everyone has said) is out. I am running the UT GOTY version with the 436 patch (as required) and have tried a few solo runs.

I am impressed Not being a UT player, I'm feeling my way around ("love is blind. That's why men feel thier way around") and the few minutes I have indulged have convinced me that this will be a fun game.

BTW, 10 BJ hits to down a gard is a surprise. I thought I hit harder than that. :D The only good thing is that he can't shoot while being hit, unlike the guards in Thief proper.

Some minor bugs, such as FLYING guards, and a few simple glitches, but my admiration for the group that did is is unbounded.

If you get it up and running, Apadewche, you will enjoy it.

22nd Jul 2002, 06:36
Originally posted by theBlackman
BTW, 10 BJ hits to down a gard is a surprise. I thought I hit harder than that. The only good thing is that he can't shoot while being hit, unlike the guards in Thief properIf you hit guards from behind it should only take 1 hit, unless they have a helmet. In that case, it takes 1 charged hit (hold until arm blocks your view more). ;)

Better late than never! I'm looking forward to a few good matches with tBm!

23rd Jul 2002, 16:58
Hi Leatherman - thanks much!!! That link worked!!! The other patches would give me an error, saying my UnrealTournament.u (I think that's the file...) wasn't there (when it was). This worked, though!! :) Thanks again!!

23rd Jul 2002, 18:30
right info to you so now you can get Thievery in your machine setup and do a little single player stuff to get your weapon loadouts setup for both types of characters...thief or guard :) and learn your way around the maps a little. You of course can join a server (if it's not full) as a "rat" and use you right button mouse click to view players through the cam. Each click will take you to one player until it gets back around to you again. This is also a good way to watch the gameplay and map(s) layouts :)

You also need to get in touch with LeatherMan to get specifics regarding his server, etc. Either send him an email or private message to give him your email URL. :) Ta and Good Hunting!

23rd Jul 2002, 18:54
of UT or are you trying to get another one? You also need to get in touch with LeatherMan for same info regarding his server...and try to coordinate our day/time to meet there....Hope you can join in as he's going to have it running a couple of times this week only for now. There are a few other servers up at times...but this one is for us mainly :) Ta and Good Hunting!

24th Jul 2002, 06:39
If you wish to join, you will need the password. I want to keep this an Eidos-taffer(ette) only server as much as possible, so if you want to join, drop me an e-mail and I will send it to you.

Remember, you can spectate if you aren't ready to play yet!

THEthief, you're welcome. ;)

25th Jul 2002, 16:38
LOL! I feel like one of those newbie Thief players who ask "I've unzipped a fan mission, but it won't play. What do I do??" :D

I've finally got a copy of UT, I've installed it, patched it and I'm downloading Thievery. What do I do with it when it's done downloading to play it? (Single player, as I've never played this game at all before.)

25th Jul 2002, 16:44
Originally posted by Nightwalker
LOL! I feel like one of those newbie Thief players who ask "I've unzipped a fan mission, but it won't play. What do I do??" :D

I've finally got a copy of UT, I've installed it, patched it and I'm downloading Thievery. What do I do with it when it's done downloading to play it? (Single player, as I've never played this game at all before.)

Execute the Thievery and install it in your UT folder.

Start from the START menu. After the intro hit ESC. On the screen that comes up look at and explore (Not MS EXPLORE) the offered choices. Set the Options for Sound and Video and controls etc.

<s>Top right</s> (EDIT = TOP LEFT) select Game and SOLO to start. At any time you can ESC to go back to that menu. (Sorry. I forgot my Left/Right sholaces today)

Boost your Gamma a little. When the Start screen comes up for the mission with the OBjectictives HIT "V" to do the loadout. Hold the V the entire time you are loadingout.

The program takes a looooong time to load. Ignore the blank screen until you hear sound Be patient!!!

PS There is no Save feature in the SOLO game. And your starting place will vary each recovered death

25th Jul 2002, 16:54
Thanks, Blackman! As usual, you're a great help. I'll give it a try. :)

25th Jul 2002, 17:40
You need to start Thievery from the Start/Programs/Thievery UT launcher...then go into the tab to setup player/options to do your key binds etc. Then go to solo player for practice..off line...and when you use "V" to setup your weapons (do one for Thief selections and do a least a couple of different saves for quick buys with loadout menue and then when you play a Guard...do the same thing) when your ready to get on-line and you select whichever model you want to play...they'll be ready for buy once you click which side you want to play with when you have selected Mulitplayer tab and search for Internet games and go to Populated Thievery and look for Leathermans's server. {{}Thief{}} and get password from him...via email :) or you can use Open Location box and insert IP address. Once you enter password you won't need to do it again after leaving and come back in another time. The only thing is, right now it's not a dedicated server so IP address will change...so IP is not really good for this...however, in regular UT games...it is as a faster way to find his server. It's under Lord Bafford's and has a different password and you'll also receive a couple of files from him when first accessing...they are to protect his server. Again, once done...not needed again basicially. Hope this might help for any lingering questions you might have as to what and how to do it? :)

We played some last night and vesper managed to get in but was kindof late by then, so LM, his wife and I had already been playing serveral hours and then LM, vesper and I played a bit longer before we said goodnight. Don't know if he's setting up anymore this week...but will let us know or just check it out to see? I would really prefer to be notified so I don't bring it all up for nothing... :( But we'll see how it goes :) There are a few other servers running though...if you feel brave...most of the players are cool...some get a little obnoxious but if too much...they vote to kick them out if too much....so that works pretty good too :) Kids mostly that don't know how to behave kindof thing.

So that's it...Ta and Good Hunting! :)

25th Jul 2002, 23:28
I plan to run the server again Friday evening around 8:00pm EST, but don't expect it to be up tonight.

Definitely play some solo games or hit some of the other servers (even if all you do is spectate) to get a feel for the maps, AI, weapons/items, etc.. Don't hesitate to play a multiplayer game, even if you stink the first few times, because no amount of spectating/solo games will get you fully prepared for the MP! We all stink/stunk the first few times.

25th Jul 2002, 23:37
Well I found my copy of UT went to install it. No go..comes up with an error msg about bad CD...looked at it..all scratched up..plus looks like a small burn/pin hole..Getting new one today I hope.