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18th Jul 2002, 23:12
Ooh...Three FM's on the go at the same time. Do I not like torturing myself?! Well so far so good as I've been locked in an airbrush frenzy, so if screenshots are your thang, use your lockpicks on my sig and go to my latest screenshots page. :)

18th Jul 2002, 23:24
That’s an Impressive 3 some you got going on there!! You have been working hard.......keep it up :D

19th Jul 2002, 00:29
Those look great Gummie! Can't wait to run around in them.

19th Jul 2002, 01:22
Those look great! Say, how do you get your snapshots bright enough so that they don't look crummy when you gamma-correct? Mine are always too dark, no matter how I fiddle with the gamma settings, and they look terrible when I fix them in Photoshop.

19th Jul 2002, 02:16
takes practice (making stuff that good AND getting the screenshots to turn out good :) )

19th Jul 2002, 03:20
HOLY MOLY!!! Those are amazing!!!!
Very Nice Job!

20th Jul 2002, 13:15
Forget the screenies!!! :p Gimme the FM Gummsie :D Looking good there, you know where to reach me for beta/alpha testing. ;)

20th Jul 2002, 14:00
Those are fantastic! I can't wait to get my hands on them. :)

Thorin Oakenshield
20th Jul 2002, 14:55
Gummie, As always A GREAT Job:)
I Really admire your work, So I'm looking forward to seeing those.;)
Can you do them by September like the guy at TTLG? :D

21st Jul 2002, 01:01
Can you do them by September like the guy at TTLG?



21st Jul 2002, 20:24
Thanks for the encouragement Grubber's...Not sure about this September buisness though. :D

Thorin - I happen to know you have a soft spot for the original Tomb Raider game, so you might be interested to know you can play a fan mission that pays tribute to the "Cistern" level. It's actually a hidden Easter Egg in one of my released missions, and only one person has found it so far. It's not one of those secrets you can only access using DromEd, so anyone can go hunting. ;)

That is all I am willing to say. :D

21st Jul 2002, 22:23
if you have a digital camera, and the software allows you to brighten your photos, you can use it to brighten the screens too. i guess any good program will let you do this, i just use my digital camera software.

22nd Jul 2002, 07:27
Very nice architecture, Gummie.:) Looking forward to playing them.

I use Microsoft Photo Editor, which comes free with MS word (but not in the default install) to edit the brightness, contrast, and gamma of images. It's not good for much else in the way of fancy image editing, but it does that job well.

22nd Jul 2002, 13:45
Originally posted by ChangelingJane
Say, how do you get your snapshots bright enough so that they don't look crummy when you gamma-correct?

Try Ifranview (http://www.irfanview.com/), it's free and so simple. Just load up your screenie and gamma correct. Sometimes particularly dark shots can look a little fuzzy and pixilated when brightened too much, and fog is a little tricky to keep good, but other than that you really can't go wrong.

For the clearest resaults, I have found it best to gamma, then drop the screen depth to 256 (for 56k users) and resize last. :)