View Full Version : TR1 Lara croft by Jonathan

18th Jul 2002, 22:43
Does anyone have or know were I can find Jonathan's tr1 lara outfit and tr1 lara house outfit?

Chris-Craig Michaels
19th Jul 2002, 03:18
Chris-Craig again.
I actually have the WAD, and can send a copy to you if you would like. I just didn't know before weather Jonathan would mind or not. I guess it will be find. Which e-mail should I send it to? Do you have an e-mail that can accept files over 1 MG?
Glad I can help! :)
I will make sure to play this level:)!

19th Jul 2002, 03:23
can i have it 2 please?

Chris-Craig Michaels
19th Jul 2002, 05:47
lara_croft_aod: I'm not sure that hotmail will accept files over 1 MG. Will it? If it can, I will send it to you, too, ASAP.:)

snickrep2002: I'm all ready to send it, just tell me your e-mail.:)

19th Jul 2002, 06:02
send it too snickrep2002@aol.com or Snickrep@msn.com

19th Jul 2002, 16:18
yes i think it will

Chris-Craig Michaels
19th Jul 2002, 22:10
OK! I sent the file to each of you! Enjoy it, and please let me know when your levels are released!:)
I also wondered if either of you are any good at compiling WADs? If you are, would you be able to add a couple objects to one for me? For more info about it, check my post "I need help with the compiling of a WAD!" Thanks.:)

Level Planet
28th Jul 2002, 16:25
Can ya send it to me to, tertio_e@hotmail.com