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18th Jul 2002, 22:18
1. could someone please send me the ghost from tr chronicals its from the level after gallows tree.
i know i posted this before but people either, didnt notice or ignored it.
2. i have a problem with the Flame Emitter, i have set the OCB code to -53 so the flames shoot out horizontally in the direction of the cone, but the flame is stuck in the middle of the square. i would just like to know if there is any OCB code or other method that will allow me to keep the flames shooting horizontally and start at the edge of the square.
thanx again, ihope that made sense.
look at this screen for a better idea of what i am trying to setup.

18th Jul 2002, 22:36
which ghost?

The one that appear before when Lara first starts the level.

Or the skeleton knights that appear later on.

18th Jul 2002, 22:41
The one that guides Lara out of the Second level?

18th Jul 2002, 23:02
actually both the skeleton knights and the ghost at the beginning would be pretty good. can you send me them??

19th Jul 2002, 08:11
I can't help with the hangman from Gallows tree (I understand that's the one you need) but I'll look what I can do about the skeletons. Remember, they wont work as the ones in the TRC, basically they are skeletons, that 'ride' on the ghosts. Let me know if you need them.

19th Jul 2002, 10:25
i need the skeleton knights and the ghost that guides her at the beginning of the level.
thnx eTux

19th Jul 2002, 11:00
Check your PM

19th Jul 2002, 21:36
As for the flame emitter, the nullmesh object sits in the middle of the tile and therefore the animation will appear in the centre of the tile.
I do not know if you can change this by exporting the nullmesh object, importing it into a 3D application, changing it's coordinates and then importing it back into the wad?, however It is worth a try. ;)

19th Jul 2002, 21:48
To get the floating skeletons from the Labyrinth, simply take them from the original wad you made with TR2WAD, (if you did) and save it over an animating object (animating1,2,3 etc.) it will float and go up and down when triggered. Using this, you can make aome awesome animating objects. The samurai guards from TR2, when triggered as an animating object, they raise their spears, almost all enemies work like this. I know that you meant the other ghost, the grim reaper one, but so far he hasn't worked in any of my tests... Also, eTux, the ones that guide you out of the labyrinth do not work, I think, but with time... :D I hope that helps, Tombhead. ;)

EDIT: and also, for the flames, try placing them one square back, to where part of the statue is. I'm not sure if they will reach far enough, but the flames will appear to come out of the things mouth, I did this in one of my china levels with the dragon, and it worked nicely...:)

19th Jul 2002, 22:28
thnx Data, ill try that
and Chronicles5 i finally got tr2wad to convert my tomb raider chronicals levels, all i had to do was copy them to my hard drive, everything crashes if i try to read them from the cd, heh go figure.
this is what the skeletons look like in game
:D u can shoot off there heads and arm, :) but when they hit u with the sword it doesnt take off any health.:(
anyway better get back to working on the levels

btw ive now decided to turn this into a three level adventure
level 1. return to antarctica {almost complete)
level 2. the caves (started some test rooms, and testing enemys)
level 3. no name at the moment

more updates soon

20th Jul 2002, 01:44
awesome! can't wait to play! do you have a story for these levels? when are you going to release them? :) good luck!