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18th Jul 2002, 22:07
Hi all,

A quick question for all you gurus out there...

I am in the Canyons level, and I am stuck on the level with the two cranes...

I guess it is about 60-65% through the level...

I have tried playing with the various levers and switches and keep coming up short...

Thanks in advance for any assistance!

Lady Minerva
18th Jul 2002, 22:13
In this area you'll find dead citizens lying about, so feel free to help yourself to a drink.

Near one of the dead bodies is an operating booth for the crane in front of it. Pull the lever on the left, then middle, right, and then middle. Explanation: the left and right handles make the crane arm go left or right, while the center one works the claw itself.

Here, you are picking up a rock from that wagon full on them and transporting it to the conveyer belt area.

Run off in the direction you see the rock carried by the crane and turn the valve there. Pull the switch near the valve to open the door in front of you. Make sure to open the door and get into the next area first or the rock will be crushed before you can use it.

Go thru this door and then pull the valve on this side. Quickly run to the corner of the conveyer belt behind you and get ready to pull the switch when the boulder is about to hit the turn nearest you, in which it will go thru a processor that will break it up; don't let this happen.

Run past the building that normally cuts up the boulders and to the new cranes operating panel. Pull the levers in the exact same order as before in order to cause a huge explosion creating a new path when the crane drops your rock on a Glyph energy battery thing.

18th Jul 2002, 22:31
If you are were I think you are then this might help. Here goes:
As soon as you enter the area and activated the checkpoint, look for the control panel behind a wagen ahead, the three levers correspond to left, up/down, and right respectively.
Pull the left lever to move the crane towards the rock pile. Pull the center lever and the crane will pick up a stone. Now pull the right lever and the crane will move back to it's starting position over the conveyor belt. Pull the center lever to drop the stone, and head for the conveyor belt.
Pull the lever at the Glyph box to start the energy flowing and the belt moving. Once the rock is pulled into the hole, pull the lever to re-direct the energy to the door on the side.
Run through the door and turn the valve on the wall to direct the energy to the second conveyor belt. Walk to the corner, and when you see the rock approaching, pull the lever to shut off the power to the furnace before the rock enters it.
Walk around to where the rock has emerged on the conveyor belt. Once again you'll spot a control panel with three levers. Pull the left lever to move the crane, pull the center lever to pick up the rock, and pull the right lever to return the crane to the right side.
When you pull the center lever, the crane will drop the rock directly on top of a Glyph Egg, causing an explosion that topples the crateonto the outside wall.
Look for a Relic in the corner of the courtyard beforre heading through the broken wall.

18th Jul 2002, 22:50

Thank you for all of your help. You guys rock!

Lady Minerva
18th Jul 2002, 22:58
Hey, no prob. Any time. I've got a whole walkthru'. :D

19th Jul 2002, 02:40
Always happy to help, I just copied the page out of the Stratagy Guide. And for the record I don't use it to play, it's specifically to help out when people ask for help.

Umah Bloodomen
19th Jul 2002, 02:44
Originally posted by Jedilvr
Always happy to help, I just copied the page out of the Stratagy Guide. And for the record I don't use it to play, it's specifically to help out when people ask for help.

That's why I bought mine too! Eventhough Prima tends to screw things up and repeat themselves. (They are really funny guides to read). :p

19th Jul 2002, 02:59
Well, let me pick your brains again...

In the Enternal Prison, you get to the point where there is a clock on the far wall and a column in the middle. At the entry point there is a lever you can use to turn column.

Once you jump onto the column and turn around, there is a node that you can zap and a bridge grows out of the column...

How do you open the door on the far side...?

I assume it has something to do with the clock...

Thanks again.

19th Jul 2002, 03:15
Here we go again:
Cross the bridge back into the center of the circular room. Use your Jump gift to return to the first opening under the Glyph Seal. Pull the lever twice to move the bridge around counterclockwise to the opening that you just repaired.
Use your Junp gift to return to the center sculpture and head across the bridge to the opening. There are two Wardens here, but you'll find a lever around the back of the right side of the room. Pull it and watch as a triangular container is lowered in the main room.
As you approach the container, the prisoner crawls free.

Lady Minerva
19th Jul 2002, 03:26
Hey, ... if that's what we're talking about, that place will pick your brain! As for the poor inmates, if they're not nutz when they end up there, they will be!

19th Jul 2002, 05:17

I was completely missing the second node on the passageway to the right... I changed my screen resolution and made a better effort to look up...

Thanks again...

19th Jul 2002, 05:23
Glad I found the section you needed. It took me a while.

Lady Minerva
19th Jul 2002, 12:10
... try turning up the gamma in the game's display options, if you haven't already.

The default gamma on all the LoK games is set to so low that it's nearly impossible to really see; in fact, I'm so used to it being set lighter now that a darker lighting actually hurts my eyes.

Anyway, if you turn the lighting option up, you'll be about to see a lot better ... and it'll be easier to find goodies you wouldn't have been able to find before. ;)

2nd Feb 2003, 11:30
Dear Lady minerva or any helpful interested party,
Hi, I just bought blood omen2 and I am having trouble getting the gamma correction lighter. I noticed the in-game adjuster only goes up to 20. While my radeon 9000 and the latest catalyst drivers don't seem to have an effect either with the advanced features. I'm using windows xp. Plus when I return to the desktop all my preset brightness goes away. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.