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18th Jul 2002, 20:43
When playing Compuer games, what genres do you prefer to play?

19th Jul 2002, 02:07
All of the above :rolleyes:

19th Jul 2002, 02:35
only 3 votes? I voted for other (im glad to say I was first vote :) )

I enjoy most game types except for sports. i like a good story.

16th Aug 2002, 05:15
I'd have to say I'm into adventure games more than anything, and I love games that have a really strong storyline (as opposed to the "go here and kill this for no good reason" types ;) ).

Then again, I can play just about anything, except sports and most "traditional" RPGs.


24th Aug 2002, 23:23
I like games with both good strategy and adventure features.

30th Aug 2002, 18:19
I prefer adventure games the most. :) They are the most enjoyable, although I do like the other kinds.

3rd Sep 2002, 14:34
havent played an aventure in so long I forgot what It looked like! heh.

I've got this game, Tsunami 2265, and in every few levels, the pilot of the mech (me) walks around. thats about all I can think of about adventure games.

What other adventure games are there?

4th Sep 2002, 06:26
Might I suggest the Legacy of Kain series?;) Particularly the Soul Reaver games...:D

4th Sep 2002, 15:19
never heard of it :(

It's wierd.. There are games where you explore like Diablo but thats considered an RPG and Elite Force is considered an FPS..

Adventure is any game that you explore right? so why isnt every game an adventure?

5th Sep 2002, 06:11
I think most games would qualify as adventure games, except maybe sports games, and the simpler ones (like pinball). I picked adventure games because I think it covers a lot of genres. Most of the games I play fall under a variety of genres anyway. I mean, I'm a Legacy Of Kain fan, and those games are all considered adventure, action, RPG, and horror games. Most of the other games I play are like that, also...

Originally posted by mrdefender
never heard of it :(

Well, in case you're interested, there's always www.nosgoth.net .
;) :D

5th Sep 2002, 14:56

The only adventure games I'm sure of is those odd but interesting pokémon.

I'm embarased to say I got hooked on em too.

hey. 6 months with a 133mhz and nothing to do, couldnt even go outside (was sick.. cancer..) you had to do somethin! Well.. there was this nurse who came every friday to check up on me (friday was the day after chemo so they had to check if I had reactions).

Lol. might have to right another novel on this too..

6th Sep 2002, 05:47
Yikes! Pokemon?! Please tell me the games are better than the cartoons! :eek: ;) :D

6th Sep 2002, 06:00
depends on what ur interests are i guess.

During the first 3 games (red, blue, yellow) it was all the same thing.. Walk around, catch pokemon, fight trainers and the council leader and the league and stuff.

the other 3 have more "side-quests" and other things you can do in it. but u still need to catch pokemon and battle the gym bosses and such.

I still have their roms.

6th Sep 2002, 06:44
Well, I've seen the cartoons. Not a big fan of em...

I have heard that the games are a good bit better. I've even heard them referred to as "addictive." There's gotta be something there!:D

6th Sep 2002, 17:22
it is adictive. but parrents dont mind. its educational.

Hey, there are 251 pokemon in blue, red, yellow and another 100 or so in silver and gold plus another group in silver.

And the kids remember their names, what they look like and all their attacks.. Not bad for a 7 year old.

8th Sep 2002, 06:35
heehee I might just have to give em a try sometime!:D

I've honestly played so few games, I wouldn't know what's good. I mean, I've got my Legacy of Kain fixation, and I'm just starting to get into Project Eden. I do have a few more games, but, other than that, I haven't played much of anything...:o

Oh yeah, and I'm stuck in the freakin' woods in Vagrant Story! AARGH!! :D

8th Sep 2002, 20:22
wow. all the ppl i know are game freaks. :D

My parents would worry if I would be away from my comp for more than a few hours :D

oh wait.. is that a good thing or a bad thing? :D

:cool: :cool:

8th Sep 2002, 20:32
Yeah, I'm a game freak. I'm just not a monetarily endowed game freak. Otherwise I might have a more impressive collection.:D

My dad tends to worry if I'm at the computer for more than a few hours. I have 24-hour headaches, and I'd say it comes from sitting less than two feet from the monitor for hours. You'd think I would learn something from that. I just pop aspirins like candy. They ought to chocolate coat those things. Heehee:D

8th Sep 2002, 20:38
havent you read the instructions? it doesnt say you cant take it with chocolate :b

I always take it with water. after the 2 years of treatment im sorta used to take it with water.

8th Sep 2002, 20:47
Very true. I just think they ought to pre-chocolate-coat them for addicts like myself to better tolerate them. They'd be like M&M's with special centers. LOL

I'm one of the weirdest characters in the world. I chew em up. Sure, they taste nasty, but they also seem to work a bit faster.


8th Sep 2002, 21:55
that would be a bad idea. you'd want to take more of em and would turn into an adiction and eventually die of an overdose.

Its not like real 100% chocolate bars. if u get adicted to that, you'll just endup as a blimp and die of a heart attack caused by being overwieght with high col.

9th Sep 2002, 05:40
Nah, I make a lot of jokes about aspirins because I used to take a lot of them. I think I've toned it down quite a bit. And I've never really been much of a fan of eating chocolate by itself--it's gotta be in something, like cookies. :)

I do miss Peppermint M&Ms, though...:D

10th Sep 2002, 00:55
when i was sick i couldnt take aspirin. i cant take any now either. never found out why. they said it was the asa (aspirin) that was bad for you but never said why/how.

so i got tynelol instead. always used tynelol.