View Full Version : why the ppl on the party of the last battle in the 012 cycle dont revive like the others?

12th Nov 2012, 17:06
So, after the last battle in the 012 cycle, when your party loses the battle to the manikins and all, they close the gate and kind of die to the manikins, but they show up when shinryu appears to make that ritual of his, so shouldnt they be revived as well like all the other characters? as we all know, in the next cycle only the warriors from the first dissidia revive, is that because they lost to manikins and arent allowed to come back? does that mean they are doomed into darkness forever?

26th Dec 2012, 19:46
the reason for why they don't return is because their bodies could not stand the ritual of purification any longer so they perished as a result of this action. Cid of Lufaine explains this in one of duodecim's reports, which are unlocked by conquering specific gateways through out the untold tale of duodecim story branch.

26th Dec 2012, 20:01
lol dude I wasnt expecting answers in this post any longer, actually I didnt even remeber I did this. anyways thanks but you gotta imagine that I know that by now, I am pretty much done with this game anyways nothing really left to do that I care about, but the thing that I wasnt sure when I asked this and that I am not sure today either is that if they went back to their homeplanet or not, they dont make it clear in the game but thats what I like to understand hahahaha

26th Dec 2012, 20:26
for a brief time the warriors did return home, but; here's what makes everything confusing.. in the untold story 000 we are told that the cycles continued for 11 more times until chaos himself regained all of his memories and powers and decided to end things once and for all in the 18th cycle. chaos annihilated all of cosmos' warriors along with his own warriors, then with that power he challenged shinryu. if you follow up on what all of the reports in duodecim say you'll get the big picture, especially when you read the One man's Monologue report, you'll notice how garland ws sent back in time to become chaos and put an end to the cycles, but garland became swept up in the battles that he lost hope of escaping world B which lead to in his own words an "irreparable mistake" that mistake is what made the cycles repeat many times over. the events of dissidia lead up to the events that occur in the other games. and all this was started by Cid of Lufaine, he created the cycles and chaos/garland ended them. so in other words yes, all the warriors were sent back to their orginal home word after all of that.

27th Dec 2012, 16:38
no dude you got it wrong, the cycles the cid speks of that comes after the 13th arent real, its was a nightmareworld that sinryu trapped him in for punishment bc he helped the warriors os cosmos to escape and wanted to end the conflict, so inreality it ends on the 13th one.