View Full Version : BO1 Remake: A Simpler Solution

Lady Minerva
18th Jul 2002, 20:00
Does anyone here familiar with a game called “Get Medieval”, by a company called Monolith Productions? It’s much like BO1 in nature (the whole overhead, God-view thing), but since it’s more recent than (what?) ’98, it looks better.

Directing this suggestion to the fellas with the Aurora program, how about going in that direction? It would still be basically the same, but it would look better. And it would probably be a lot less costly or complicated to program.

Here’s An Example Of What It Might Look Like (http://www.geocities.com/lady_minerva_nightshade/Soul_Reaver_2_Galleries/Blood_Omen_2_Images/Get_Medieval.jpg). Say, doesn’t that guy with the white hair and pointy ears look familar? :p

If you guys are still thinking about that project, I hope this suggestion helps.

19th Jul 2002, 03:39
Get Medieval was a rad game for its time, but I don't believe a full editor was ever released for it... plus the amount of custom code that would be needed to enable things like the boss battles, dialogue, etc., would be prohibitive for a fan project.
I know you *really* want a BO1 remake, LM, but it's incredibly unlikely at this point =(.

Lady Minerva
19th Jul 2002, 03:57
... it was just a suggestion — and one far more likely to work (for a fan-made project anyway) than a fully 3-D set up.

Besides, “Get Medieval” did have bosses — and cut-scenes could be done like another program called “Rage of Mages”, where there would be a kind of a pop-up window with a picture of who’s talking with a text field, containing that person’s dialogue quote. Real simple and straight-forward ...

And, let’s face it: as I understand it, CD is likely never to bother with a remake.
It’s as they say: “If you want something done, sometimes you have to do it yourself.”

19th Jul 2002, 05:26
I'm actually considering a remake of it, but using the Warcraft 3 engine (with some changes, of course). It would be nothing similar to BO except in story, of course, but i think it would be cool. If you are familiar with WC3, can you picture Death Knight as Kain? Dread Lord as Vorador? Medivh as Moebius? Banshee as Aerial? The game has a great level up system, and instead of transforming into bat and wolf you could transform into crow and bear. For beguile, you could transform into Arthas.
Oh well... If ANYONE is interested, gimme a call (AIM is BadGuysAlwaysWin and ICQ is 165119598).

Lady Minerva
19th Jul 2002, 12:19
It wouldn't have to be exact, as long as the story is intact.

Right now, the original (as it stands) really needs a clean up, so it not only looks better, but is easier to see and control. I was able to snag the demo and I can tell you, by my experience, if you can really do it, you'd have my support. I mean, if just the resolution could be improved on, I'd be happy. That, and fix the speed, so Kain isn't moving around like he's on "fast-forward" -- and make the controls configurable.

The thing is, I'm not saying that it's bad the way it is, but it really could use the makeover, a little enhancement, so that it fits better. A lot of people would like to see the improvement, if -- for no other reason -- to assist with the availability. You just can't find it anywhere else!

<LOL> I'm not into "WarCraft", but Kain as the Death Knight? Yep, that sounds just like 'im! :p