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Billy the Kid2
18th Jul 2002, 17:15
Howdy Pardners.
I've been experiencing a problem when inserting an object into TRLE that's really bugging me and I could do with some help. I make an object in 3D using Metasequioa..I go to Strpix3 and insert the object into TRLE. I get a couple of objects actually inserted and these look fine. Go to insert another object but this time the object I'm inserting takes the place of the rest of the objects in the wad??? (it repeats itself) What is causing this and how can I over come this annoying problem? Billy

18th Jul 2002, 20:24
I once took a look at this problem and that time strpix gave ALL meshes (except 3) the same number so they were all the same.

But there has been a new version since I had the problem. Make sure you got the latest!

More detailed (for when tp reads it himself):
All meshpointers had the same number.

Billy the Kid2
18th Jul 2002, 22:12
Howdy TRWad!
Mighty nice of yer to answer my lil' ol' call for help. I'm using Strpix v3.7 rev0. I was thinking that this 'v' was pritty close to being the up- to- date 'v'. Just out of couriosity??? I noticed you said to ' SonofKong' that Strpix is only good for textures.... does this mean then I should be using another piece of software to add wire frames (objects ....as I call em) into TRLE??? I would like your oppinion. Billy ????????

19th Jul 2002, 07:27
you corrupted the wad.
This "repetition"may happen if you had the shining effect into a new moveable object imported, expecially if the "show box" for the static objects is checked "on".

Then, it may happen if you select a static object from the MESH MENU (or field) then you apply the collision features on it.
1) importing new DXF must be done with the "collision box" unchecked for a completely successful importing.
2) You must choice your STATIC object from the STATIC OBJECTS MENU in order to change/set the collision/visibility feature.
3) you applied the SHINING EFFECT into a SEMI-TRANSPARENT texture. (the shining works fine only with OPAQUE textures)

If you corrupt the wad for any reason there are some shortcut to use:

1) go in the "texture menu" and select "export": you will have the ENTIRE BMP OF YOU WAD exported in a while. You can import it lately in the same wad (a copy of it but not corrupted).

2) You can EXPORT all the retextured new objects all the same from the corrupted wad into DXF files. Change every layer NAME of this type:

textur_XXXX_Y_66 or 128 or whatever number you find into:


then, open the not corrupted copy of this wad, import the entire BMP and import the new DXF.
Then you must apply AGAIN both the semi-transparent either the shining effect into your textures.

Billy the Kid2
20th Jul 2002, 21:54
Howdy Amigo Psiko...
Muchos gracias for the kind assistance....I'm trying them out and at the moment am not experiencing my problem....Billy