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dark release
18th Jul 2002, 15:32
I was wondering if there r ne other lok pearl jam fans?

Umah Bloodomen
18th Jul 2002, 18:59
I liked the album Ten a lot. They have kind of gone downhill over the years. (I only like a few select songs off of Versus and haven't purchased anything from them since).

18th Jul 2002, 19:17
I pretty well agree with Umah on this one... except i never got around to buying VS. I did really like "Better Man"...

18th Jul 2002, 22:14
Well Ten was okay... but I've never really liked the band all that much. And all of their recent stuff has been horrible IMO.

To each his own I suppose.

24th Jul 2002, 12:26
Yeah I like Pearl Jam a lot, Yield was a great album, plenty of Jiveable tracks, Push Me Pull Me reminded me of Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Vitalogy is also classic, I agree that Ten is great but I think its a little flat when you look at the total of there stuff. Binaural was a bit Average.

Love the Live CDs though, GO EDDY

24th Jul 2002, 18:07
Yeah, I find that recordings of live events (concerts, whatever) come out better than the original recorded material. There just seems to be more passion to it... I'm a big Counting Crows fan, and it seems like every performance is different in some way. Which is why I sought out a bootleg of the concert I got to see. (And will continue to do so - they don't mind the fans recording the concerts, which makes a lot of sense...) I'm also... get ready... don't laugh... a big John Denver fan. And I listen most often to the concert recordings, because the songs were definitely more passionate and alive than the actual albums.

In fact, it seems to me that it would make sense to just record all the concerts, and then fans could go order a really cheap copy of the concert they attended from the band's website or whatever. Makes sense to me...