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18th Jul 2002, 12:14
my favorite thing to do on the game is to go to the budapest hotel and put in invisible and god and all the ammo and gun cheats, the i like going on a massacre inside

i also like to shot people when then run up/down(preferably down) the stairs, so it looks like they triped over themselvez
:D fun:D fun:D fun

18th Jul 2002, 13:05
Saba, see? A guy who freely admits his love to go beserk.

18th Jul 2002, 14:26
I admitted that all along :p. My fave level to go wild is Lee Hong's assasination. Needless to say, no1 survives (not even fish in the aquarium). :D

18th Jul 2002, 22:36
was up.. If you really like fireworks.. then play "Say Hello to my Little Friend" the last jungle level. Use the god mode cheat and grab the whole compounds attention with the Minigun and then.. well.. see for yourself =) About 2 to 3 dozen guys are gonna go trigger happy on you and you do get to return the favor with the MINIGUN.. :D hehe! Have Fun!!!

23rd Jul 2002, 05:53
I knew I could count on you two, sammie and DeJavu.

23rd Jul 2002, 13:05
Other than having a bloodbath (without the cheats), I like to attempt doing the missions with the least number of kills and/or with the least expenses. Like the fish restaurant mission. The cheapest way of doing that is to buy a knife (to kill the Red Dragon member) and the Hardballer with one clip (for the police chief) even though only one bullet is needed for the job.

23rd Jul 2002, 22:13
You can also just buy the silesced beretta and shoot the chief from the alley where he arrives if you lean aroun the corner after the first patrol has passed, later you can run to the red dragon arriving spot and give him a neck-shot too. Quick and easy way to complete it without mess or attention.

24th Jul 2002, 04:38
Actually, you can find a knife in the kitchen of the restaurant--for free. You could drop your amulet in the restaurant, then chase the chief down, slash his throat, and run off.

But that isn't very Hitman-esque, is it?

The best way to do it is kill a guard with your kitchen knife, knab his gun, and use that to take out the chief.

24th Jul 2002, 05:52
I want to avoid unnecessary kills. Besides, If I take the knife in the kitchen, the cook raises the alarm. So I would have to kill both the cook and a guard. And hiding the cook's body would take some time too.

That raises yet another question: Can the trashboxes be used for anything or are they just for decoration? I've always thought there would be some reason for them to be marked on the mission map. And the same goes for the fire ladders in the first Hong Kong mission.

24th Jul 2002, 11:15
The cook will only raise the alarm if he sees you take the knife. He has a "patrol" route that lasts about 2 minutes, taking him from the table in the middle to the sinks around the corner from the door to the walk-in freezer near the back. As long as he doesn't see you, you can steal a knife from the table and be off without him raising the alarm.

24th Jul 2002, 11:27
I haven't noticed that before, must try that again. But every time I've tried, the cook has remained very close to the knife and taking it has resulted in the cook running for his life (and for a good reason too ;) ). Another thing is, that even if the cook is neutralized, the bartender may switch to the "combat mode" which in turn causes the police chief to run from the scene.

I just love the fish restaurant mission :) it's the second best in the game after Budapest.

24th Jul 2002, 13:31
i like using the slowmo button(scroll lock) you can even use it with out ip_debug, anywas i like shoting them in the head in slowmo
and in slowmo everything exagerates
like when you shoot glass in regular it barely go flying any where
but in slow motion it flies really far and gets stuck in walls and even in the air

25th Jul 2002, 05:54
Me too. I like running about in slo mo, killing people. Then pausing the game and looking at the carnage from different camera angles. Taking screen shots here and there.

25th Jul 2002, 21:36
an aslo you know how powerful swed off shotguns are, i like taking two of them am rempaging everyone, the only thing that stinks is that it has only two shots...

26th Jul 2002, 04:23
Try the Franchi, sammie. The Franchi, found only in the Budapest Hotel levels (usually through cheating), holds 8 shells.

Another tip--when you're doing the two weapon trick, drop your shotgun of preference, and equip your Beretta. You can then pick up your sawn-off, with your Beretta in one hand, and fire up to 15 rounds with it--the number of bullets the Beretta can fire.

26th Jul 2002, 15:12
Remember, you don't have to Drop a weapon to go 2-handguns.

As you're scrolling through your weapons, stop on the gun you want in your RIGHT hand (note: due to a nice bug, this will control the amount of bullets in BOTH guns - so the Baretta is always a good choice here. If you go Baretta in right hand, sawed-off in left, you can get 15 sawed-off shotgun shells per clip if you do this correctly). So, you've stopped at the gun you want. Press and hold the left CTRL button, then click on that first gun. It will highlight. Then, scroll to the gun you want in your left hand, and click that. Then let go of the left CTRL button. Tobias should then draw both guns at once in a nice little animation.

26th Jul 2002, 18:56
I didn't know that!

27th Jul 2002, 16:15
thats kewl i should use that from now on...