View Full Version : Hello?? Anyone???

18th Jul 2002, 03:26
What's going on here?? The forums have definitely quieted down a bit in the past few days. Where is everyone???

Lil Lara
18th Jul 2002, 04:02
Yeah, I noticed that, too. Hmmm.. I'm here! Hehe.. what would you like to talk about, Aquarius?:D

18th Jul 2002, 04:12
Anything's good to talk about right now......

My sister comes home tomorrow, and I haven't seen her since Christmas, so I'm really pysched to see her again! :) She's coming home for her bridal shower. She gets married next month, on the beach, at sunset, in Key West. It's going to be so incredible. But I can't believe she's getting married already!!

It's been 90 degrees here in Michigan almost everyday, and we're in a drought condition right now. We're being warned of possible wild fires and forest fires in the next coming weeks. It's kind of scary! Never had a fire warning this close to home before....

So how about you?? :D

18th Jul 2002, 04:22
its been quieter cuz of the post count business lol

Lil Lara
18th Jul 2002, 04:31
That's cool that your sister is getting married! Very exciting, I know... my sister got married about a month ago. So, how old is she? Are you excited about going to Key West? I bet so, I know I would.

I'm pretty good.. summer is almost over. *sigh* I don't want to go back! They can't make me! :D Hehehe...

I haven't done much this summer. I'm going to visit my cousin this Saturday, so I'm all pumped up for that!:D I discovered all these great message boards at the begining of this summer, so I have been spending practically all my time on my computer! Hehe...

18th Jul 2002, 04:50
My sister will be 25 on September 1st. Her fiancee is in the military, and oddly, his birthday is September 11th. I think he actually just got back Monday from the Middle East, even possibly Afghanistan.......

Key West is going to be so much fun!! It'll be fun, as long as some guy doesn't try to hit on me.........Ahh!!!

I found the forums here about a month ago, well at least I was able to successfully register a month ago. lol I think I first found the old forum in October, but I couldn't register for some reason.......oh well. I'm here now! :)

I haven't been doing much this summer either. Key Club had a car wash Saturday, (cut my finger open somehow there), I've been going to parties every now and then (like tomorrow!!), I'm taking an AP Spanish class, and then there's practicing the piano and cello.

At least it's not as bad as last summer. I was hardly ever home, what with cello and piano lessons, then tennis lessons, and then drivers training! AHH!! lol

Lil Lara
18th Jul 2002, 19:28
That's cool.. yeah, my sister will be 25 on August 16th. Well, anyways... I've never been to Key West.. it sounds so exciting! Hehehe..

yeah, the forums are really fun and there are a lot of nice people. Are you going to the Meet 'n Greet? I want to go...but I'm going to be away. I think it would be cool and very interesting to meet some of these people.

So, you play the cello and piano? That's cool. I play the flute and I sing. Well.. have fun at the party you will be going to.. and don't get too wasted. Hehe..:D

18th Jul 2002, 19:45
I probably won't be able to make it to a Meet n Greet until after I graduate from high school..................

lol We don't get wasted, just a caffeine rush from the Elbow Room. :D It's this great coffee house downtown, that has the best Frappes you've ever had, but the worst cappuccinos....... ;)

Tilda Tiger
18th Jul 2002, 21:03
Sorry for hijacking your thread, but suddenly I'm a bit jealous of you people, living in the States. Where I live, it's more difficult to arrange a meeting like that...but it's probably for the best anyway, since it's normally just a handful of people that you get along with IRL as well as online, at least that's my experience.

I did have one very nice experience with meeting a forum member though! When a crazy man from Texas crossed the Atlantic to see me, and we ended up getting married

19th Jul 2002, 03:24
Well, her flight was cancelled, so we're not going to be seeing her until tomorrow afternoon at the latest....... :(

19th Jul 2002, 04:26
I agree with Tilda Tiger. It also sucks when every single competition is for the US only, or for US and Canada only. So much for the internet making the world so much smaller eh? :)

21st Jul 2002, 22:37
This is getting worse .... where is everyone LOL. There only appears to be about 10 people using this forum heheheh. What happened? Eveyone's gone away LOL:confused:

21st Jul 2002, 23:21
I am always here, I don't have a life. Besides they won't let me go

Who won't let you?

They won't. They don't let out me.

Who doesn’t let you out?

The voices in my head.


21st Jul 2002, 23:23
im here!!!:D hiya beks!! hi aquarius!! and helloo to everyone else!! :)

how was everyones day today??

21st Jul 2002, 23:56
Rainy. :D For the first time in about a month, it finally rained here. And quite a lot too. Now it's hot and muggy. :rolleyes:

My sister went back home today, and it's a lot quieter now at home since she left. lol

22nd Jul 2002, 00:01
Hiya people!!!

I took a few photos today just to show everyone what my DIY Lara sunglasses look like. Due to the fact i took the pic just at 12:55 i look like mickey mouse on serious drugs seen through the eyes of someone on acid. Oh well LOL

I'm glad at least you guys are here hehehe - Prelude you can count as a gang of peeps with all yer voices hehehe!! ... forum is so quiet these days ...

22nd Jul 2002, 00:15
Well then, you know what that means. We have to make it NOT QUIET!!! lol :D

Hmmm.......now what would be something good to post, that would make things not quite. lol


22nd Jul 2002, 00:33
where u post the pix beks!? i wanna see them! i bet they're great :D i cant wait till my mum gets some film for the camera!....hopefully tomorrow so i can take my pix and email them to zen dragon! :D

22nd Jul 2002, 01:53
When you get to Key West you absolutely must find a Blond Giraffe Key Lime Rum Cake.
You won't regret it!

22nd Jul 2002, 03:54
Do I dare ask why? ;)

Who knows if we'll have enough time to. We're there for about 4 days. I think we're going to Louie's Backyard, Sloppy Joe's, Hard Rock (Hard Rock rules!), and someplace else. Then of course there's the wedding. :D I'll try to find the cake thing though. :)

22nd Jul 2002, 10:00
My pic is on the Adventurers Place forum in the sunglasses section of Lara Gear ..... i look totally freaky hehehehehe. I cant even see through them LOL

27th Jul 2002, 04:44
Hi there - Aquarius, I see you changed your sig again - it looks cool but I liked the first Aquarian symbol better.

I haven't been around much because after 8 months of unemployment, I finally got a job. I have been working for 2 weeks as of today. I enjoyed my extended holiday, but $ was getting tight, sooooo.....

Anyway, seems like topics have gotten a bit stale too - we need that new game to come out sooner so we will have something new to work with & chat about.

cowboy from hell
27th Jul 2002, 23:25
Now that I have a little more time on my hands I'll probalbly be around to talk someone's ear off, lol. My band only goes on the road 3 days a week and we have the rest of the week off. Some of the close or local gigs will even allow me to post on those days also. But it has seemed like this forum was abandoned for a few days there. Later.

28th Jul 2002, 00:24
I'M HERE I'M HERE I'M HERE!!!! (Defentaly need to cut back on caffine);):p :D :D

28th Jul 2002, 00:48
meee 2! im like extremely hypa right now...i went to this place in CT called Lake Compounce and yah at the end of the day i ate like a hugeee thing of cotton candy...plus i had about 3 glasses of mountain dew :D:p:D

28th Jul 2002, 01:04
OHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Too MUCH SUGAR FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just kidding :p :p :p :p