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17th Jul 2002, 21:36
You set up a lever, you set up some doors. You place a switch trigger, fill in the timer box, and you place the triggers for the doors.

My question is: how do you reset it? The lever doesn't return to the original position, so you can only push it once... :confused:

17th Jul 2002, 22:14
Lever switch?
If you don't set one shot then you should be able to push the lever back to its place, and then push it again, to reset the timed run :)

17th Jul 2002, 23:21
I don't have one shot pressed in. And it's a one tile room, so when you push the lever, you can't get behind it to reset it. It's possible (I've seen it in Celtic Folly and maybe in COTW, although I'm not sure...) to reset the lever automatically.

17th Jul 2002, 23:27
To do this place a normal trigger for what you our trying to trigger then when you select switch for switch press all of the 1-5 buttons below the trigger type box in the trigger window and enter the time into the timer then place the switch for switch trigger on the same square as the normal trigger for what you our trying to trigger under the switch

18th Jul 2002, 07:46
Collin, the lever can't reset automatically. In CotW I had to push the lever back to it's place to start the timed sequence again. I guess you have to make the room bigger, so the player can go to the other side and 'reset' the sequence manually (if cornchild's suggestion didn't work, that is)

18th Jul 2002, 09:10
Collin..... Cornchilds solution is correct (and how I did it in CF)..... one thing you must do though is rotate the switch 180 degrees otherwise it cannot be pushed ....... the only downside to this is that the switch actually does not have to be pushed the first time..... Lara only has to stand on the square!!!! then for every SECOND push of the switch the trigger will be activated........ it aint beautiful but it works......


18th Jul 2002, 09:49
@ cornchild: Thanks that works! Unfortunately Inch is right: the switch works at random (don't know about every second turn...). :( Guess I'll use another lever though....

Thanks for the help guys! :)

18th Jul 2002, 14:39
this is how it is done in the tr3 house they used a pull lever and the settings I posted above