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17th Jul 2002, 19:36
I just happened to be sitting here at my desk, and idly looking at the images on the SR1 CD-thingy (not really a case, after all) and I suddenly noticed something.

Now call me crazy, but... Kain's earring looks to me to be the ring that Vorador gave him.

Am I just hopelessy behind on this one (that is, it's been discussed and finished)? Or has no one else noticed this before?

17th Jul 2002, 19:54
Yeah, a few people have said that. I can't remember if it was ever confirmed or not.

17th Jul 2002, 20:06
I'm pretty sure it WAS confirmed. I think Chris told us. I'll go check.

17th Jul 2002, 20:08
Well, the one rune I can see on this close-up of Kain's face is practically identical, and the shape is the same... I think I shall choose to accept that it is... :D

17th Jul 2002, 20:17
i think that its the same kind of design, but not the actual ring that vorador gave him


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17th Jul 2002, 21:27
It was indeed confirmed, forgot if it was actually Chris though. Even had a close-up picture on the other thread to seal the discussion.

17th Jul 2002, 21:51
Chuffy -

Watch out, yoursighost.com forbids that sort of linking. Be careful or you'll get dumped... :eek:

18th Jul 2002, 00:03
...yep its actually big V's ring, but if you don't trust me ask Chris.

18th Jul 2002, 01:13
It's the little details like that that I love so much about this game... :D

18th Jul 2002, 03:58
Good eye, I never noticed that before.

Power reaver
18th Jul 2002, 12:57
I noticed that a long time ago but i thought everyone knew :rolleyes:

The noticed it when I first saw Vs ring , I think maybe at Nosgoth.net or somewhere . :D

20th Jul 2002, 05:10
It's definitely Vorador's ring. Same shape, same size, a little different color. I've also known for a long time, and I too thought everyone knew.

Well, at least everyone knows now.

24th Jul 2002, 19:45
Kain's earring in SR1 IS DEFINITELY the ring that Vorador gave him in BO1.

This fact was confirmed a long time ago when Soul Reaver first came out and we were comparing the commonalities between SR and the original BO.