View Full Version : Brain power

17th Jul 2002, 15:26
Could leveling up Lara's brain power give her more to say to other characters?
ie. When Lara talkes to that lady about the notepad, if you didn't level up her brain power, you could only ask for it directly, thus causing you to have to dispose of her and steal it later in the game.

17th Jul 2002, 17:00
It could but I think that Core would have to be able to put some brain power in Lara at the start and then we would go from there. Or I can say is if Lara has to rely on my brain power well she's in a huge amount of trouble. Lara might as well pack up go home, go to bed and snooze cause all I can say is she's stuffed with my Brain right from the beginning of the game hmmmm.