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17th Jul 2002, 07:14
Hi All

Totally OT - but then, this is an OT forum, right?

One reason I haven't been around here much lately, or at Leatherman's (the old Accept song 'London Leatherboys' keeps going through my head when I see that nick - but no-one else here knows it! :p) UT games is that I've been working on my first book.

Not a novel, alas, an educational research textbook kinda thing. And I finally have at least a very good draft (i.e. all read through once for grammar, spelling, expression and ideas, but needs one more read through for clarity, consistency and coherence!) of the whole thing.

Just finished it tonight in fact, by sitting down at 9 pm and writing the 5000 word final chapter by about 12:30 am (i.e. 3.5 hours)! This was the easy part, after all the academic bits, pretty much just an open letter to new researchers with some suggestions and lots of jokes, but I'm still braggin' a bit. ;-) All that chat and forum writing obviously helps with verbosity! (to cause, I mean, not cure)

I have to print it out tomorrow and do that second read through, then mail the brick (just on 400 pages of letter when double spaced and with big margins for the editors to review) to the publishers in the Netherlands later this week...
THEN I should be in evidence a bit more around here... Junior Member - huh!


17th Jul 2002, 08:04
I was wondering what had become of you.

400 pages, my printer would overheat and burn down my computer desk :eek:

From what I've heard you should expect your book to come back with lots of scribbles on the pages(hence the double spacing and large margins).

One question though: Netherlands?

OK, two: Topic?

Whatz His Name
17th Jul 2002, 13:56
Bravus, I have to go to the bathroom and I'm out of toilet paper.... can I barrow it? :D

17th Jul 2002, 16:55
Whatz His Name - I think I'll probably have to 'barrow' it (i.e. carry it around in a wheelbarrow) myself! You'd be welcome to 'borrow' one of the scribbled on drafts for bathroom tissue purposes, of course - let it never be said I'm ungenerous in a taffer's hour of need - but this paper is very prone to causing paper-cuts. :p ;)

Salvage - It's being published by Kluwer Academic Publishers in the Netherlands. They're quite a big English-language publisher of academic stuff, and they're pretty agressive in seeking out and publishing new books. One of their guys actually came and met up with me in Perth a year or so ago, saying he'd heard of me as someone who was going places in science education (hehe, flattery will get them everywhere!), and that's where this project started.

It's just on 100,000 words, whether it's compressed or expanded, and I'll definitely be printing it out on the big heavy-duty laser printer at work!

I do expect lots of edits and squiggles and suggestions. I've published about 20 papers in journals, and you get as much or even more of it doing that, so I'm used to the process, but I also stand up for myself and say 'I'm not gonna change that, and here's why' sometimes. If the reviewers for Kluwer got silly there are other publishers out there, and I think it's a pretty good book (completely unbiased of course!), so I'm not too worried about the review process. The only hassle is that it all takes time: I want the thing out on the street, but it'll probably be another 18 months/two years, I suspect, before it's in stores.

The title and subtitle are 'Weaving Narrative Nets to Capture Classrooms: Multimethod Qualitative Approaches for Educational Research'. It's basically about how to do research in school classrooms, as either the teacher or a university researcher, that uses stories and 'fictionalised' tales (i.e. the names and details are changed for ethical reasons, and the tales made as interesting and compelling as possible) to explore what happens in classrooms and hopefully improve it. 'Qualitative' research is basically research that doesn't use surveys and numbers and statistics, but uses various ways of getting at the 'quality' of experience.

The book is based on some research I did for my PhD a few years ago, but expanded quite a bit, and if you're interested the 'novel' I wrote for that project (a connected series of classroom research stories) is available here: http://bravus.port5.com/thesis/section2.htm ('Next page' link is @ the bottom of the page - you may have to scroll down depending on your resolution)(I'm not sure whether the publishers will try to make me take this site down for copyright reasons when the book comes out, but I'm not drawing it to their attention! - Information wants to be free! (but authors want to get paid!))

I will probably make almost no money from the book, unless it becomes a huge seller (i.e. a textbook in lots of university qualitative research courses - it could happen!), but there are benefits in terms of getting tenure and so on to having a published book, plus it's just a buzz to get it out there!

Anyway, probably way more detail than you needed!

See ya,


(Please pardon the excessive parentheses!)

17th Jul 2002, 19:02
Hey, bravus, just thought you'd like to know... 5000 words in 3.5 hours is fast! I've talked with several published authors, and their word count is more like 1000 to 2000 words a day. (I don't know if they're editing on the fly as they type, or if they just do the editing at a later date.) So, if nothing else, you could probably crank out a novel faster than most people.


17th Jul 2002, 21:13
that milestone in your project bravus...really a terrific effort :) I'm sure it will do well once it is published as you are bound to make an impact with it to your peers. The classroom tactics for teaching need a revitalization to make it more interesting and new approaches should be welcomed to make it better for all concerned IMHO :) "Right on with the right on"! Continued success and be lookin for ya in Thievery or other similar frag fests :D Ta and Good Hunting!

18th Jul 2002, 03:58
Congratulations! I think my head would spin if I had to write a book (heck, I have spent 20 minutes on this reply, and this is as far as I've gotten :D)

Once you get the scribbled-on book back and need to blow off some steam, you know where to go!

PS, The ThieveryUT server is in it's testing stages now.;)

18th Jul 2002, 04:44
Congratulations, bravus! That's an achievement to be proud of. :)

18th Jul 2002, 13:20
Thanks everyone for your congrats and kind words! Just a few last details and tidy-ups to do today, then into the mail with it tomorrow and I can forget about it for a few months while the editors attack!

See ya,