View Full Version : Any Good City like levels released lately?

RaidRs Revenge
17th Jul 2002, 05:41
How about the Tomb Raider Movie levels as well? I also read about a Umbrella type level for Resident Evil that would be made with the Tomb Raider engine. is that still on schedule?

17th Jul 2002, 19:28
My TR Movie Game (The Triangle of Light) should be out about October/November-ish, but I dunno. I may release a demo version soon.

Phabius Phodes
17th Jul 2002, 20:49
If you like city type levels, you can try this:

"Lara Croft And The Quest For The Asphaeings Amulet" (Level 1 - City Of Blezqi Zatsaz).

It was rated high since it was released and it´s included in the TR Movie DVD!

You can find it at mprager.de

RaidRs Revenge
18th Jul 2002, 03:21
LeeO I cant wait

and im gonna check your level out now! i cant wait.