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17th Jul 2002, 02:57
I watch and love the show, king kong better watch out for Robert..

Something's troubling me..

The front door of Raymond's house is facing the front door of his parent's house (across the street) right?

So why do they always enter thru the back door which leads into the kitchen? Wouldnt it be easier to enter thru the front door?


17th Jul 2002, 04:25
Presumably they kept the front door locked while the back door is left opened. None of them seem to require a key when coming into the house. But yes you are absolutely right they should come in from the front. The only reason why they enter in from the back is because they needed to show that they have entered the house, as oppose to being already in the house and coming into the kitchen. With this in mind, they should have made them next door neighbours, in which case using both the front door and the back door would have been correct. Many other sitcoms have this problem, where they show family friends coming in from the back door when in reality they should really come in from the front unless the car park is at the back. Furthermore, people in sitcoms seem to never lock their doors.

18th Jul 2002, 01:50
espicially in new york city :)