View Full Version : Saturio Returns Home.....

17th Jul 2002, 01:42
Just have to say what a blast I have had playing this FM. I was able to lure the zombies from the crypt area, and there are 5 guards fighting them. Just like the energizer bunny those guards, just keep going, and going, fighting and fighting, and are totally oblivious to Garrett walking around. :D
I love doing that. :)

Keeper Collins
17th Jul 2002, 15:07
Hey Suzy!How's my favorite gal doin?So' I see ya played "Satario Returns Home",hunh?Yeah I tried lureing the zombies into the gaurds to and it is really funny to watch them go at it!I tried that in Craglcleft Prision too with the old haunted mines and the 2 Hammers talking near the staircase.But when ya do stuff like that ya gota make sure the odds are evenbetween both the living and the dead!:)But most of the time I pefer killing them all myself,it keeps my skills up.;)