View Full Version : I'm going to be gone AGAIN...

17th Jul 2002, 00:45
Family vacation this time. We're leaving tomorrow night or Thursday morning and will be going to Colorado to see if we can toast ourselves comfortably.

Anyway...I won't be back until Saturday the 27th. E-mails will go unanswered, posts unreplied-to, etc.

But I will be drawing up plans for the rest of Lord Bumfrey's upstairs and the rooms in the Keeper...ummm...place (I don't know what else to call it) and writing up scripts.

Ten loot says clayman will be a moderator again by the time I get back...I hope. ;)

17th Jul 2002, 01:34
Travel safe, but I say you've lost the "tenner", hope you aren't a compulsive gambler. If ye are, I'll make a small contribution to the TR_26 Relief Fund. :D

17th Jul 2002, 17:49
Hope you have a good vacation. Our state is one of the best in the US to visit. Just be careful with them flares and flash bombs (and firearrows are an absolute no-no :eek:) we're a little dry right now:)