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16th Jul 2002, 22:16
how can i get textures from other games? I have 007 agent under fire for xbox and ps2, and i just played it. I played the level in romania, and i though "this has to be my new level" and i want to extract audio (wont be released with level) and textures from that level. the xbox cd got rejected in my cd drive, but when i put in the ps2 cd, i got a bunch of .viv files i didnt know how to open. is there a program that will open picture files or audio files .viv? thanx in advance!

16th Jul 2002, 22:30
here are some screens:

now you can see what it is i want so bad :D

17th Jul 2002, 11:34
About the audio tracks, you can extract them with a program called MFAudio. You can get it at megagames.com :D
About the textures I don't think you'll be able to extract them. :(

17th Jul 2002, 13:51
well, all the files on the disk are the same format (.viv) but still, it is a small chance they are compatible with trle. Thanks for the site! :)