View Full Version : TRLE 3rd party tools error messages

16th Jul 2002, 12:52
this is driving me nuts..... it's not just one program...I have 128mb ram, and there's plenty of memory, so it's got to be the system files..

tr2wad...gets the horrible illegal operation message
trviewer..says "out of memory"
wadmerger, when trying to load tr4 levels, gets the same message as tr2wad

What system files do I need overall to be able to run most of the third party tools? And if they're corrupt, where can I get new versions/files?

Any help would be great, thanks :D

16th Jul 2002, 14:56
the "out of memory" error is a commonly one in Winblows
it means that the system resources are low, it's not an physical memory problem

when converting your level with tom2pc over and over again, it clutters up the virtual memory

try rebooting your pc and run the programs again and see if it works

if so, you might want to check if there's enough diskspace on your C drive