View Full Version : why too many 5stars with max lvl on beginning colliseum?

9th Nov 2012, 01:03
with only lvl 15 limited.why many ppl have all 4 n 5 star on their deck which half of them are at level max and estimate attack point show 2000+++..... can real beginning players have a chance to get reward ?!?..... :(

9th Nov 2012, 03:36
i've been wondering the same thing when i was still able to join beginner's colliseum. it makes no sense coz the cost to level up so many guardians to max before reaching lvl 15 is somehow impossible. i tried earning that amount of GP but it is barely enough to level up 1 guardian to the max. now i'm on level 42 and i only managed to max out 2 4* cards.

i suspected cheaters but has no concrete proof

21st Nov 2012, 08:16
Today when I opened this App, my limited Pumpkin Titan card disapeared from my deck. I don't know why? I aways play this game with honest as I want to know what happened with my card! Please explain the reason to me and bring me back my Titan.

my IGN : DeawFighte
from Thailand