View Full Version : Thought my eye sight was finally going!!!

16th Jul 2002, 01:40
Hey guys, is it just me or are the threads you have read now a slightly different colour? Ie a lighter shade of grey.

Please confirm this, as I think my eyes are finally on the way out from spending too much time sat in front of my computer! :D

16th Jul 2002, 02:07
Glad to know I'm not the only one. At least the color is gray now, instead of the bright red it was earlier today.

16th Jul 2002, 04:26
Happened to me too.

In the middle of the day, all my visited threads turned a deep gray.
and then they turned to barely noticable light gray, which is the way i want it.

I thought it was my browser setting, but it was not.

16th Jul 2002, 23:17
Thanks guys, at least I now know I'm not completely insane.

WOW :eek: Eidos you really thought of everything!!!:D

(apart from a spell checker!! he he )

17th Jul 2002, 00:42
It would appear that the posts alternate with two different light grey tones.

17th Jul 2002, 01:01
Yeah, I thought my eyesight was going also. I noticed this a few days ago:)

17th Jul 2002, 01:22
hahah! i thought the samme thing! i looked at some of the theds and im thinkin
"...woah...kinda blury...maybe i really should b wearin my glasses more often..."


17th Jul 2002, 04:11
Do you think it's better like this or it was better before, when all links had the same color?

17th Jul 2002, 04:51
I liked it before, simply because that's what I was used to. :p

17th Jul 2002, 11:30
Originally posted by TombRaiderChik
hahah! i thought the samme thing! i looked at some of the theds and im thinkin
"...woah...kinda blury..."


LOL, yeah I thought I'd had one too many Bud's :D

Oh and now where have our post counts gone :eek: weird :confused:

17th Jul 2002, 15:07
i actually think the posts should have always been gone. i didnt get the point in having them ya know!?