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16th Jul 2002, 00:40
Well I just completed it and finished watching though the bonus DVD a few minutes ago. I dont really know what to say about it other than what an excellent game FFX is and will remain to be. After finishing it after over a week of slowly pushing my way though it (and waiting for my parents to go to bed so I can play on the 42" in the living room) I really cant say whats better now. FFVII or FFX.

Suppose I may as well state my opinions of the games many strengths and few short comeins in a mini review thingy

FFX has a lot running for it. Best story since FFX which while probebly not being quite as long as FFVII is its a damn site longer than FFIX. Excellent character develoment though out the game right up untill the ending. The ending summed up the game nicely (allthough it left it kinda open, which is why Square are looking at Sequals to this game BOO) and I must say the games difficulty challanged me all the way up till the end where I faced the easyest end boss ever (Auto auto-Life? Comon Square!). The whole visual feel to the game is amazeing. Square has really pushed the already ageing Ps2 and has managed to choke some bueatifull art out of the engine (though quite a bit of alising is present though out most of the game). The Fmv was amazeing. Hands down is smashes FFVIII/IXs attempts at full motion video. The extra space of the DVD mean thats the FMVs dont feel quite as "rushed" as they did in the Psx FFs. The sound was excellent. Square managed to strike an excellent balance between the music, voice and sound effects. When dialog was heavy sound effects and music were quietend down somewhat. Which I though was excellent. Battle system was great. It was the first FF to really give me a challange since I played though FFVII all those years ago (by the time FFVIII had come out I'd played FFIV-VI so VIII was a breze).

Hmm theres a few things about this game I dont like... the textures like all other Ps2 games are pretty low res on every thing but the characters. Square did an excellent job with the graphics as a whole and espeically the textureing. Its excellent for a Ps2 game but compared to the latets titles on most other formats the textures are lacking. Still thats the hardware of the silly Ps2 at fault not Square. Theres also the matter of huge boarders in the Pal version and some slowdown. Square took all that time with the Pal release. Now while the slowdown isnt as bad as say Tekken Tag Tornament (full on 17.5% slowdown argh!) its still pretty noticeable when I was watching the gameplay scenes from the bonus DVD. Square could have put more effort into the converstion. I mean boarders and slowdown is just damn lazy! Also apart from this they could have put more effort into the music. Dont get me wrong most of it is excellent but I cant help feel that technically it wassent the jump that FFVI-VII-VIII-IX was. This and that some of the music just feels a little out of place (i'll get some track listings at somepoint of the songs I didnt like.. maybe).

Whole in whole it was an excellent game. I hope Square follows though with FFXII and makes an even bigger bang!

One queustion for you guys out there though. At somepoint I'll buy FFX. But I'd prefer to avoid the Pal version if I can. But I'd prefer all those extra game play side quests over boarders+slowdown. So I've been told FFX International is English dub with options for Jap/Eng subtitles. Is that true?

Oh well thats a bunch of random thoughts on the game. Any other thoughts from people who have played though the game?

16th Jul 2002, 08:32
Nice evaluation, Sir Canealot, but why isn't this in the game discussion section instead of the Chat forum?

16th Jul 2002, 11:03
Becuase this isnt a discussion about FFVII its an off topic, topic that would usuly go into community chat. If Mogg think its should go into the FFVII board then he can feel free to move it.

Chilled Unit
16th Jul 2002, 15:04
FFX International (Japanese Import) is indeed in English with all the subquests and option for english subtitling.

The bonus DVD on FFX International has different material from what we got on our bonus DVD too..

The only problem is it's close to £70 and I don't have a modded PS2 to play it.

16th Jul 2002, 16:07
Hmm I've been meaning to get work for ages any way. And Pal boarders+slowdown really annoy me nowadays.

Chilled Unit I have a feeling FFX International is gonna get rare sooner or later so I'd get it asap if you want it. Modding your Ps2 isnt *that* hard or expensive. I think I'll pick it up as soon as I can.

16th Jul 2002, 17:25
Whats with this slowdown? How come a PAL release has slowdown and a NTSC doesnt? is it simply like dropping framerates?

And is the original Japanese release also English dubbed?

16th Jul 2002, 18:14
Well this is basically why I have told Dell NOT to buy a Ps2 while she is still in this country. Well Europe runs Pal Japan/Usa ect runs Ntsc. The advantage of Pal is that it basically runs at a higher resalution (I forget the extra numbers an extra 100 lines I think), so TV/DVDs ect (and pal games without boarders...) will look MUCH better. However it runs at a lower refresh rate (Pal=50hz Ntsc=60hz).

Right? Now heres the disadvatgaes on pal. Basically pal boarders simply are boarders. Big black ones at the top and bottom of the screen. When companies port games across from Ntsc to Pal the simplist way of doing it is to insted of making the game fill the extra res of pal just to make the game run at its size on a pal resalution screen. This ressults in big boarders at the top and bottom of the screen. This is very commen in 2d only titles like the Streef Fighters ect as to get rid of the boarders you would have to either stretch it out (ugly) or redraw the whole game for pal standard! 3d titles are less suspect to boarders. Since the game is 3d it can be simply made to run in a higher resalution than before. However since you the devlopers have just spent 3 year of your life getting every once of power out of a console its kinda hard to say "right we need to make this run in a higer res for the pal version" so boarders excist on many 3d titles to. However boarders are the least of my concerns...

Pal slowdown is simply put when the overall game speed is slower than the Ntsc version. Ntscs max frames per second is 60 while for Pal it is 50. So badly ported pal games will run about 17% slower than Ntsc titles! Prime examples of a full on 17% slowdown is Tekken 1-3/Tag. For 3d fighting games where a lot of the game data is based around frames speeding them up can be pretty hard. Namco though havent even made any attempt to speed up any of there Tekken games. Games like FFX and Mgs2 dont have a full on 17% slowdown but the slowdown is still there. Its much less annoying in a game like an Rpg but in an action or fighting game the speed loss is aparent and the game play and entertainment suffers. Even games like FFVII/VIII/IX suffer from some sort of slowdown (I'm noo sure if its the full on 17%. I remember when I got FFVII PC though I was amazeed at how fast and smooth the battles were on the Pc version)

Now does it make any sense now n00dles? I hope you understand how bad console games are getting treated when being ported to pal. Simply put its not fair. Theres a VERY simple solution to this and thats to have a 50/60hz switch (Ntsc/Pal switch) included with Pal titles. MOST modern Pal TVs under 10 years old will have NO trouble running Ntsc resalutions (provided you get a new scart lead, the one you get with the Ps2 will give you b&w running Ntsc) so Sony really are just being scumy and lazy about the whole issue. Some Ps2 games are comming out with 50/60hz switches (example Virtual Fighter 4 which is made by Sega. Now isnt that weird. Sega must actually care about there gamers hahaha) but many.. are not.

Hope you found that atleast slightly informative folks.

And is the original Japanese release also English dubbed?

Nah its a Jap dub. FFX Internation is a special Eddition. I wish it had been a Jap dub with a eng sub as while the English Voice acters are great I'd probebly prefer the Japanse ones.

16th Jul 2002, 18:45
Ah I understand now, tnx :)

but what's the deal with the boarders? i mean, when you watch a DivX movie, there are boarders as well. I dont get annoyed by boarders, as long as they dont cut away big parts of the original size.

16th Jul 2002, 19:59
The movie is in the format used to show it in theaters. It's called widescreen. While the screen may seem smaller, you're actually seeing more than what you get when a movie is formatted to fit your TV screen. Any serious movie fan will tell you widescreen is better, and so will I. It allows the original artistic work to be displayed fully, and eliminates the crappy pan-and-scan techniques so often used in conversions to TV.

Chilled Unit
16th Jul 2002, 20:15
Oddly enough the DVD I have of Kubrik's Eyes Wide Shut (not a *bad* film if you're a Kubrik fan, but he was definitely in his dirty old man phase at that point!) is in 4:3... A little notice comes up at the start saying that the film is presented in the aspect ratio of the original camera negative as Kubrick wanted; rather than the widescreen that was shown in theatres with bits of the shot missing.

No real point to be made :D just interesting!

I prefer movies in widescreen for sure.

PS: I ordered FFX International... caved in.

17th Jul 2002, 01:53
I beat FFX today, and I think the game is awesome. The end cut scene is really good. they've really improved since past FF's.

17th Jul 2002, 10:58
Nah, you couldn't improve anything about FF VII anymore so it only could get worse from then.
Though I hate to say that I haven't had the opportunity of playing part IX and X yet, sadly. :mad:

17th Jul 2002, 20:49
That Joe surely look deformed I should say :)

Now, about the widescreen being better than TV screen, I knew already and I agree. But what I meant was the annoyance of black borders. Why should you get annoyed of black borders in FFX is nothing of the screen is cut away?

17th Jul 2002, 21:09
Originally posted by N00dles
[offtopic] I knew already and I agree. But what I meant was the annoyance of black borders. Why should you get annoyed of black borders in FFX is nothing of the screen is cut away?

Becuase A: The black boarders are not meant to be there B: The image looks deformed; Every one looks "fatter" (thats VERY bad on widescreen Tvs), and C: The black boards STILL shouldent be there.

How would you feel if 6" or so of your lovely 42" tv was wasted becuase of a bad pal port :(

23rd Jul 2002, 14:01

It was still a pretty good game, though. Even if you did have trouble with the 'boarders'.


you want a good case of mild frustration, run a few of the older Playstation games through the PS2. Mostly you'll just give up and quit. Boarders'd be a nice problem to have.

I'm givin' ChronoTrigger a shot on the PS2, the one stamped on the PS disc, just to see all the cartoons, er, anime they put in the game. Took about 2 hours just to run through 600A.D. and back. That's slowdown! This rate it'll take a 1000 hours to finish ONE ending!!! Don't think I'll ever get all 12.


23rd Jul 2002, 15:37
Haha. But thats not pal slowdown thats ****y Psx slowdown. Try eneableing fast load on the Ps2, or play Psx CT though a emulator on the Pc. That should help stamp out loading times some.