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Reaver of Souls
15th Jul 2002, 23:54

I'm from Canada myself :D :D Yeah Canadians!!

(moved this in from the SR forum)

15th Jul 2002, 23:56
America the beautiful!


And that's in Springfield, MO... originally Jackson, MO, which I doubt anyone has heard of. It's by the mighty Mississippi...

16th Jul 2002, 00:51
Purgatory *points to his location on his member profile*
<-- see?

16th Jul 2002, 02:01
...i would say Portugal, but im going to be more creative than that, im going to say the Azraelim Clan Territory...near to Willendorf...shhhh, its secret, don't tell anyone :p

16th Jul 2002, 02:18
Wakefield, Raleigh, North Carolina, United States of America.

Umah Bloodomen
16th Jul 2002, 07:53
I can't remember where I am from. I am sure it said it around here somewhere though. :p

16th Jul 2002, 08:14
I crawled out of the depths of the stygian gloom, saw that it was morning, and crawled right back....
If that didn't help, I'm from "the Valley" in SoCal, US.
Side-note: That is one of my fav. phrases--doesn't it just make you want to laugh for some reason? "Stygian Gloom"-gets the laughs going...

16th Jul 2002, 08:17
Stygian is just such a good word for getting laughs out of, because it can make stuff so melodramatic. You *know* the Blizzard team got some chuckles out of naming one of the Diablo II enemies the "Stygian Harlot." =)
I'm from Seattle. I lived in Vancouver, BC for a few years though.

Power reaver
16th Jul 2002, 11:05
Raz locked me in his cupboard after he got the wings before he went to see Kain , since he never returned , I have been locked here ever since . :(


Or maybe I live
<------ here

16th Jul 2002, 12:39
I from Australia, it rules, (except I have to wait for video games longer). Let me just assure everyone that Australia rules, im dead serious, particluarily Brisbane and Sydney.

" Mate, take it easy i put 6 pack in the freezerthe rest'l be cold by the time thats done, its all good"

typical sunday afternoon troubles

16th Jul 2002, 15:01
Fort William, North-West Coast Scotland and Hong Kong for the rest of the year :D

16th Jul 2002, 17:12
I hail from Canada as well. British Columbia, Prince George. Home of snow till May, a week of summer, and fall rest of the year.

Time Streamer
16th Jul 2002, 17:19
From Finland and watching the world at large.

16th Jul 2002, 17:28
<<<---- there

Reaver of Souls
16th Jul 2002, 18:00
Ranmyaku- I lived in Prince George for 7 years, snow for nine months followed by bug season! ....no wonder we moved here to the Okanagan...

16th Jul 2002, 18:05
Man.... You're lucky. The bugs are really bad this year too. *swats a nearby mosqito* Damned bugs.

16th Jul 2002, 19:12
I live in a nice little town in the uk called stony stratford. Lovely green fields, friendly farmers, and a ten minute taxi ride to the dark underworld that is known as theatre district. Which contains many pubs many clubs. From nu-metal to hard house.

"where everybody knows your name",
"and their always glad you came"


16th Jul 2002, 19:51
And theatres I presume? Any good shows?

To the Aussies: long have i wanted to visit Australia; but the cost to fly halfway 'round the world remains prohibitive... :(

16th Jul 2002, 20:13
Where I'm from? You know, I really would like to know that myself. :confused: I know I've written it down here somewhere...

16th Jul 2002, 21:01
L.I., N.Y., USA

17th Jul 2002, 00:52
STL, how bout those Rams

17th Jul 2002, 02:03
how 'bout those CARDINALS!!! :D

17th Jul 2002, 02:12
Originally posted by warpsavant
L.I., N.Y., USA
You're in Long Island NY? I always thought you were in the city...
I GREW UP in Long Island =F

......... then moved to purgatory...

Sue in UK
17th Jul 2002, 16:53
this is the one time my simple name says it all - I'm from the UK - Oxfordshire - used to be a neighbor of yours, Chuffy, when I lived in Amersham, Buckinghamshire. :)

17th Jul 2002, 18:50
Long Island is way better than puragatory.

17th Jul 2002, 18:55
I`m from Norway.

Apocrypha Roxy
17th Jul 2002, 19:06
Bensonhurst puts Purgatory to shame! :D :p

I have family all over the NY area - Babylon, Staten Island (the only place I can get to Hot Topic, btw :rolleyes:), Bay Ridge, etc.

I wish I could travel the world - I'd live everywhere! That would be really nifty!

Hey, if you guys are ever in NY (Bay Ridge), check out the India Passage restauraunt on 3rd avenue, in the 70's, right across the street from Sancho's (another good eats!). They have the tastiest Indian cuisine I have EVER tasted! Went there for my sweet 16 last year, and went back again this weekend. :)

And, no, I don't speak with a Brooklyn accent (everyone else does). Sometimes my accent is hard to place, because it's not a particular accent, but it sounds 'New Yorker'-ish.

-Fuhgeddaboudit- :D

17th Jul 2002, 23:47
I had a fairly thick accent when I moved to where I'm at now.
I was actually made fun of a lot and beat up (I was 8). So I made an effort to lose it... whenever I go back to visit (once every year or so) I seem to gain a slight accent for a bit.

18th Jul 2002, 03:02
Yeah right Junior.

People cant even understand what I type much less what I speak!

26th Jul 2002, 08:22
i cant really remember you see i have been trapped in this abyss for so long i seemed to have lost my memory anyway i heard one of my inmates( an insane fallen angel) predict something about a choosen one to free me so if anybody knows anything about this prophecy please tell this choosen one its about time he got me out of here i have realms to rule.

26th Jul 2002, 11:21
Glad to see they're letting you have a PC with internet access in your abyss... how kind of them.

11th Aug 2002, 19:57
i am from usa

11th Aug 2002, 22:36
New York that is. I have a home in the small town of Maine New York as well. Nice little country area. Thousands of acres of woods. I have permission from all the neighbors to go through it all as long as I respect the land (I do). I also have a good chunk of land myself. Also visit Chenango Bridge New York to visit family there.