View Full Version : In "Jial Break" were is the my blackjack and the Silver Gear?

Keeper Collins
15th Jul 2002, 21:07
I am finished the level but I still don't have a black jack.I've got a soward,some mines and a varity of arrows but no blackjack.Were is it?Now,as for the silver gear,were is it?I've killed all thecops and mechs,destroyed all the stupid machiens(the watchers and robots) relased all the prisoners and checked in every cell but I till can't find it.Were is Turut's Silver Gear?Unless you can't get it on normal only hard and expert.

15th Jul 2002, 21:50
I don't believe I've ever played this one on Normal, so I can't be sure if the gear is available or not. If it is, it's down in a locked cell in one of the cell blocks. It needs a special key that you find in the office area on the top floor.

The blackjack is hidden in the cells on the lowest floor, too. Did you find the secret door in one of the hallways? At the back of the secret room, you turn right and go past the bottom of the ladder, down to where the passageway is blocked. If you look carefully, there's a tiny switch just past the part where you can walk. Frob it, then go back out and look in the other cells in a cell block close to the bottom of the stairs up to the next floor (I forget the cell block number. The cell block is marked on your map.) There's a secret door open in one of them and the BJ is in a toolbox.

19th Jul 2002, 00:48
The key (for silver gear) should be easier to find now, look in Truart's office.

that is if you have JailBreak 3.0