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15th Jul 2002, 18:32
I would like wraith 2 to able to dive into water like wraith 3 (in stead of blowing up when it hits water).

Is there an OCB code? Or can I change the mesh of wraith 2 with the mesh of wraith 3 with Strpix or some other program? Or do I have to remake the mesh myself with a drawing program?

The Sage Of Time
15th Jul 2002, 18:35
The Wraith objects have no animations, they're just single Meshes programmed to move.
You can simply place whatever object you'd like in the Wraith 3 slot.

15th Jul 2002, 18:42
And the slot has all the codes (is that the right word?) for the wraiths, and not the object itself?

OK, and thanks for the very quick reply. :D

15th Jul 2002, 18:51
OK I tried putting the wraith in slot 2, but you still get a white tail (in stead of blue like with wraith 2). So this isn't really a solution.... :(

The Sage Of Time
15th Jul 2002, 18:55
The slots themselves hold the OCB codes, same for their built in AI.
It's the object that holds the graphics and animations, it's important to keep this in mind.
Of course the Wraith's are really one of the only enemies (example, Small Beetle) that have no animations.

P.S. The tail as I remember is a reaction of the object itself, it's not the slots fault. (you'd need to edit the object)

15th Jul 2002, 19:17
And what do you mean by 'editing the object'? In the trle itself? You can only raise on lower the floor of the object, can't you. (I don't really know what it does, so sorry for the stupid description :D).

The Sage Of Time
15th Jul 2002, 19:20
I mean the object as in the Mesh itself, it is only a single Mesh.. So calling it a whole object makes sense.

15th Jul 2002, 19:27
:confused: :confused: I really have no idea what you're talking about!?!? :confused: :confused:

What do you mean with 'editing the object'? When I look at it in STrpix I see a blue wraith without any mesh for the tail....

The Sage Of Time
15th Jul 2002, 19:42
The Tail isn't a mesh, the tail is a feature called upon via the slot..
In other words, depending upon the slot the tail will be different. You can change the mesh of the wraith though to fit the tail better.

15th Jul 2002, 22:40
So, like I said before... Putting wraith 2 in the wraith 3 slot is not really an option if a want a blue wraith 2 that can enter water, is it. :rolleyes:

Sorry if I induced a headache or something! ;)

Thanks for your help, but I could do with a solution of some sort...

So, are there any other ideas out there?

The Sage Of Time
15th Jul 2002, 22:58
Basically you can have the blue wraith, but the tail will be the color of the original.
I hate saying these words but there is no better way to put it.. The tails are "hard coded."
The point I was making above is that the Wraiths have no animations and can thus be replaced with anything.

16th Jul 2002, 00:19
And by 'editing an object', you meant replacing it, right?

OK, now I understand fully. But you could have told me before that the tails were hard coded. Then you wouldn't have listen to the other stupid questions.... :)

Thanks for doing your best to explain it to me! :) The only option I have now is to mess around with the OCB settings, I guess... (a long shot I presume :()

The Sage Of Time
16th Jul 2002, 00:22
Sorry, I should have just said it from the start..
But I truely hate saying that, Hard Coded isn't always something we can't change..
And because of this I hate saying it, it makes things sound impossible.