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Keeper Collins
15th Jul 2002, 15:38
Okay,I was able to steal from Cunny thanks to Nightwalker.And you were right clayman I think it is a certian coner in the shop.I also killed that evil mage and the rest of his "loving family" of undead!;)I also got into those two houses and the warehouse.Now,how do I fram cunny?And about Switcher's house I still can't get in it but I was able to get into all3 hammer temples!The problem is not that I can't smash open the window because I can do that just fine.It's just that I can't get in there.I don't have any rope arrows and I don't think there is any wood arond there to stick them into if I had any.I also tried getting in there with crates but could'nt reach.So what do I do now?Ohyes,and I have to tell you all about my dream.I was playing this FM "Events in Highrock" and I had just killed the evil mage in the dark castele.Then,I dreamaed the two doors on the first floor(the ones next to the staris you can't open)opened up and there were more hallways in there.But that was just my dream!

15th Jul 2002, 15:49
You need to find the rope arrows to get to Swticher's. Find the front courtyard of the main Temple. Go out the archway to your right (as you stand facing the front doors, outside). There's a red house in front of you. Walk around the house and keep going in the same direction. Just a very short distance past the red house, there's a spot with a guard standing with a small tower on his right and a shed on his left. The rope arrows are in the shed, tucked in behind some junk. They're hard to see, so look carefully. Leave the shed door and walk straight across along the wall towards the tower. There's another open doorway here, but, again, it's hard to see. In here, you'll find fire arrows, among other things. Take the fire arrows back to the warehouse, go in and use them to blow up the explosives barrels against one wall. That opens up a secret area. Go in and take the stuff you find and that set's up Cunny.

Then, go back to the foutain area and look to the right of the window. There's a small, piece of wood beam sticking out, not on the same wall as the window, but just around the corner on the other wall. If you put your rope arrows as close as you can to the window, you can jump off of it and through the window with no problems. :)

Keeper Collins
15th Jul 2002, 21:00
Thank You Nightwalker!You always know just what to do!