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15th Jul 2002, 05:14
the only reason i say look now is because they may go away after a while, if i dont keep updating my site it might get cancelled.
when my new site is done, it will be my own, and this will be no problem. these pics are of the first waterfall in 'pavillion of the stars' my newest level, it is in progress, so helpful criticism is needed. i kind of want to get rid of the fog, do you think i should?
also the lighting needs to be updated. later i will delete this thread and make one that gets updated all the time, so you can check back for more screenshots instead of me having to make a bunch of new posts. then again, you can always check my site :)
enjoy the pics!

Lara's view from bottom

View of monkey crossing bridge

Upper view through fog

What do you think? :cool:

To anyone who hasn't read this before: Pics no longer work, angelfire closed my site now you know why I said (look now) :D

15th Jul 2002, 05:31
They look really good.

Can i make a comment? The Exoctic Locations series looks really good, and i can't wait to play it except, so of the screenshots i've seen so far feature large rooms and outdoor scenes, different objects are scattered over them and it makes the room look awkward. (ex. one of your Pompeii screenshots has a huge room with some objects scattered on the floor and the columns and walls look awkward being so bare and high.)

I also see this in the 3rd screenshot in this thread.
I suggest putting up vines or torches.

PS. Why are you using the TR3 Lara? Suzie Croft made a TRLE outfit just like the TR3 South Pacific outfit.

You said critiscism was good, right?

15th Jul 2002, 05:38
of course criticism is good, as long as it is among compliments! :D i usually put stuff scattered around (pompei for example) to show that a disaster happened there, but i didnt really do that here, i just had some plants, and the monkey, and there were the tall statues too, but i think that was it :confused: i dont really see what you think was scattered here, can you explain? also, there are some big areas in el but not all, this is just what ive been working on, when you see a level like ta phrom or gardens of rome you can see the difference, there are big areas but not the same style. pompei is now up for download if you want to play it here- http://www.angelfire.com/ga4/mike63/pompei.zip , but once again it may not last long :( other comments?

EDIT- I re-read your post :o I'm using tr3 south pac lara because of tr_nut's (they were his right?) dead body objects. it sounds stupid but in the previous level, lara falls asleep after a very peaceful cutscene, and the outfit lara is wearing in the dead lara object (to make her look asleep) is the south-pac one, and i dont want lara to have to change her clothes in the middle of ther level, and by this i had to mix and match lara and lara skin objects to get the crowbar animation to work, it is a key part of the level... and about torches and vines, they are on the way! :D
there will be lots of vines in this area, and a good torch light is needed around the waterfall, check for more pics tommorow! the problem with the vines: they are imported directly from tr1, and have way too much collision, i want lara to go through them with no collision, but there is too much so it makes them hard to get around, you know what i mean? can someone help? :confused:

EDIT x2- And what do you think about the fog?

15th Jul 2002, 05:57
Oh, you didn't say that the scattered objects were supposed to resemble a disaster.

As for the fog, i would put a bit of fog to simulate the mist from the water, it'd be very realistic. The monkies cross the bridge is also cute.

You know how if you are on a moutain side or high hill and you look down on the town or city. The city is a little line of buildings and the shy is huge above it. Look's cool, but it makes the city look awkward or small rite? That's how the Pompeii screenshot resembles, so then again i didn't know they were supposed to look like a distaster like you said.

But know i see what you mean, and Peru is looking very good.

15th Jul 2002, 06:22
Originally posted by LarzBritsh
You know how if you are on a moutain side or high hill and you look down on the town or city. The city is a little line of buildings and the shy is huge above it. Look's cool, but it makes the city look awkward or small rite?

can you explain a bit more? lol i didnt really understand... :p sorry

I see that it makes the city small, but what does that have to do with the pictures and which one shows this problem best?

15th Jul 2002, 07:02
I see you're boggled.

Im comparing the "city scene" to the Pompeii screenshot.

If you have ever been to an really high mountain or hill, you would look down and see that the city is nothing but a bunch of buildings lined up along the ground, and that the sky is huge above the city. The city looks like nothing compared to the size of the sky.

Just like my first impression of the Pompeii screenshot. The objects on the floor is the "buildings lined up on the ground" and the high, bare walls architechture is the "sky" The walls are huge and enormous over the objects that they make the objects look like nothing. So the player is much distracted by the huge, bare, walls that the objects are not noticed.

But now that you've explained to me, i understand why you've designed it this way.

This ought to help:


This picture resembles the 3rd Peru picture you posted, there was also a screen from Pompeii that resembles this, but since your site is down, i can't find it. But you get the idea.

15th Jul 2002, 07:34
Originally posted by LarzBritsh
I see you're boggled.

yeah i gotcha now :p those pics will stay down, im not going to bother to re-upload them, till my new site is up, this week.
pompei has been released, play it, and you can see for yourself!
http://www.angelfire.com/ga4/mike63/pompei.zip check it out. ;)

15th Jul 2002, 09:30
Other waterfall pictures... now that those are settled, here are some from the end of Ta Phrom. As you may remember, lara finds an inscription in the heart of Ta Phrom, after wandering through temple and jungle. :D Hope you like them!

in the jungle, you can see the waterfall, tree, etc.

looking down waterfall at inscription

the last few areas of this level look awesome! what do you think?

and here is a little taste of the texture set I'm using, you can see my custom textures, which are from real angkor architecture...


like those? :p

15th Jul 2002, 10:51
I finished the waterfall scene:

top view of area

bridge view

the all-seeing monkey

short view of river at top of waterfall

that's all for now, what do you think? :)

15th Jul 2002, 10:56
I love what you do with textures, I think custom textures can really make a difference to a level. I was quite interested in the comments about visualizing how a city/village would look from an outside, far away perspective, I have to build something similar, except that Lara is higher up, the info in here will help me, I think :) Btw, looking really good C5, keep it up!

15th Jul 2002, 14:31
Great job! These screenshots are really cool!
BTW, I love waterfalls, rivers, etc.
And Lara young, oh, how cute!
when are you going to release all the levels?

15th Jul 2002, 15:09
gardens of rome, pompei, and courtyards of sun and moon are ready to be released, but courtyards doesnt have any secrets in it, so im not sure if it's really done, though I have fixed the glitches. Pompei can be downloaded on this page, and thanx for the comments! :)

15th Jul 2002, 15:30
Originally posted by Chronicles5
...I'm using tr3 south pac lara because of tr_nut's (they were his right?) dead body objects.

I based that object on one of my outfits, jungle.

15th Jul 2002, 15:47
I'm glad you did, as it works well with my level :)

15th Jul 2002, 15:48
oh and btw, the pics will be down for at least 2 hours, as angelfire is slow right now. I cannot wait till my site is up!! :)

15th Jul 2002, 17:56
Though there is no designated 'courtyard' in the previous level, this level has an actual 'Pavillion' Here is the last pic of the waterfall:

a good view of the surrounding area, the next three are of the pavillion itself, this is still under construction...

a nice view of the temple that leads to the pavillion, and the pavillion itself :)

the bottom of the pavillion

top view

what do you think? as usual, these are in progress! :)

15th Jul 2002, 17:58
work on the waterfall textures.... they look like they are seperated.

15th Jul 2002, 18:06
i've tried a lot of stuff to fix that, but no matter how i arrange them, they look messed up and stuff, and if I use the other waterfall animation range i have, it will clash with the waterfall texture that comes out of the stone. any suggestions?

15th Jul 2002, 18:09
i don't know, but i think it has to be possible to fix.

usually the next texture frame is the one below the first texture in game. at least that is for my tr3 waterfalls.

15th Jul 2002, 18:13
I'll make a little test level about this... wish me luck! :)

15th Jul 2002, 18:13
If you don't want the waterfall textures to look tiled. Than don't make it one big water, make it a sloped waterfall, one layer upon another.

Im really glad you changed it. The walls don't look so weird now, and the scenes look really realistic, the atmosphere is really done well. Especially Ta Phrom.

Keep up the good work.

15th Jul 2002, 18:20
Originally posted by LarzBritsh
make it a sloped waterfall, one layer upon another.

I don't think I can do that, since there is a cave behind the waterfall, it would greatly ruin the effect to have it like that... it would work in other levels, but there is a cave behind the waterfall, it would block it. :( what else can i do?

15th Jul 2002, 18:32
can you post the waterfall textures out?

15th Jul 2002, 18:47
well, i messed around with the textures, and it looks best with the second texture of the animation range over and over again. here is an example, but the problem here is the top looks weird, part of the bottom looks okay, and the other part looks fine. look:


:confused: thats the best I can do...

15th Jul 2002, 20:18
Here's the animated waterfall texture from Leandro Dubost's Tomb Near the Lost Valley level. It doesn't look tiled.


15th Jul 2002, 21:34
It is wrong. It's the same tga set as The Tomb Of Qualopec, and those waterfall tiles doesn't match. I don't mind about it at all :p

15th Jul 2002, 21:40
Oops my mistake. I forgot that Leandro's level was a remake.

The first two tile do match, the last one doesn't,

But the way that Chronicles5 has it in his last screenshot is good enough.

15th Jul 2002, 21:40
it doesnt matter that much to me...:p I'm trying to make an exotic locations screensaver to put on my site, so you can check out the coolest scenes in my game without playing it, and you also have a cool screensaver :cool: unfortunaltley, i have to register my screensaver program, then it'll let me make a big screensaver like I wanted. I'm going to try and cheat around the limit, and make an avi file... http://www.uniquehardware.co.uk/server-smilies/contrib/ruinkai/FIREdevil.gif lol anyone interested in a cool screensaver?

15th Jul 2002, 21:42
an avi file?

That would take lots of pictures shots.

But i would like to see. :D

16th Jul 2002, 01:19
I have to fine-tune it, it goes way too fast, I should have it ready soon though. It won't be an avi, the only program I have for animations only saves in .gif format, so there it is :) check out my new sig! :) Staticon made it.

16th Jul 2002, 04:31
Nice sig. :eek:

Can you give us an idea of when Ta Phrom will be released?

I think you should release Exoctic Locations all at once, if not, then declare them different levels in a series to be released consecutively.

16th Jul 2002, 06:32
well the only level released so far is pompei, and i just made sure the link to that has expired, i only wanted it available to litepulsar for tutorial purposes. I think I will do that, and you can keep checking on my site for and updated release date. And btw, I had two ideas for bonus levels, what do you think:

~Chinese Shrine (Involves Jade, Stone, Golden Dragons.)
~Alexandria type level (Streets/park are my specialty)
~Some sort of Lord of the Rings "Rivendell" level, that place is awesome!!

well, here is my propostion. when a 2-level location series is done, it gets emailed to tombraiderchronicles.com and is released in a thread here, and on my site. you wont just download seperate levels, you can get pairs that go together at a time :) make sense? this i will do tommorow, i guess.. Ta Phrom has 2 secrets and is almost ready to go. Gardens of Rome and Pompei are ready to go. Once Pavillion is finished (2 weeks?) those two will be ready to go. Next is India series, then VCI then Australia.

Does all the above make sense, and if so, is it a good idea? I have lots of ideas for this game!! :D The level list is as follows:

§Cambodia, 1 level (Ta Phrom) (DONE)

§Italy, 2 levels (Gardens of Rome, Pompei) (DONE)

§Peru, 2 levels (Courtyards of Sun and Moon, Pavillion of the Stars) (2 WEEKS)

§India, 2 levels (Jungle, Shrine of the Monkey) (6 WEEKS)

§New York, 2 levels (VCI Design Labs, Artifact Testing Studio) (10 WEEKS)

§Austrailia, 2 levels (Caves of the Sacred, Final Destination) (14 WEEKS)


§?????, 1 level (Credits) (UNKNOWN)


§Egypt, 1 level (Streets of Alexandria) (16 WEEKS)

§China, 1 level (Palace of Five Dragons) (18 WEEKS)

§Middle Earth, 1 level (Rivendell) (20 WEEKS)

Should Rivendell be the last bonus level, or should it be part of the series, like Lara gets all the artifacts, and is taken to a mystical place etc. Also I thought of it being the credits level, but I want it to be a level Lara walks around in, with puzzles etc. I suppose I could make the credits movie at the end, a nice treat after lots of fun gameplay. If I do make this a level though, it has to be excellent, it will be real :eek: quality hopefully.

So what should I choose to do??? :confused:

16th Jul 2002, 15:45
how are those ideas? :confused:

16th Jul 2002, 17:50
Releasing 2-level packs is a good idea. This could wind up on my favorite series list. Just like Tomo's Last Saga series. I just hope this wouldn't be as difficult as COTW or any of Piega's levels.

I remember when you originally started this series.

I remember being so excitied about China or any of the "sratched" locations that are now gone.

As for gameplay i enjoy a good balance of puzzles. I hope the puzzle aren't to hard, i tend to dislike frustrating levels.

But VCI and Australia could be good. It really does seem like Exoctic Location, change is good. VCI doesn't really some so "exoctic" to me. But im still exciting about it.

If you want to make a secret/credits level, go ahead, you will need to make those a seperate download. I would enjoy something to play after finishing Exoctic Locations.

16th Jul 2002, 18:26
what places were you excited about? i will make them bonus levels if they aren't too hard... :)

i really wanted to make a china level, and it didnt fit into the story (I planned the locations so the levels are on seperate continents and are evenly spaced around the world, so I just made it a bonus level instead.)

as for vci, no it isn't that exotic, maybe I should change the name of the series... originally there wasn't going to be a vci, then i found out how to make elevaters (thanks to cornchild) and my trc wads came out, and MountainDewNut made me that great outfit, so vci just got added :D

as for difficulty levels, you wont like courtyards without a walkthrough, the temples in there have evil puzzles, and i think an avi file that shows solutions will be included. :D

this wont be a difficult series, it will be mostly pretty scenes, and puzzles etc. that accurately follow the reputation of the area. by this i mean that peru was a puzzling, sacrificial place, so that is the way courtyards and pavillion will be, courtyards will be puzzling, and pavillion will be full of traps...

there will be a good balance of puzzles in this game, but some levels will be harder than others.

australia will be long, but not too hard, and will probly be rainy and include my new custom textures (i was so excited about making australia i already got the textures ready :D)

bonus levels wont be part of the series, they will just be something extra to play, and will all be released seperate.

assuming i take 2 weeks for each level, then it will be a while before these start construction

;) im glad you like my series! :)

16th Jul 2002, 22:24
i want to add a location to my series, but i'm going to ask you all if you think it's a good idea, i was playing 007 AUF, and you all know how much i love making town/street levels, so when i played night of the jackal for the 1000th time, i realized i should make a level (please see my other thread for details) of this place. it will be the next location to start construction if i do choose to make it. it is in romania, and the textures and sound of the level are awesome. should i add a new location? it will be an awesome level, as this is the type of level im good at :D is this a good idea? thanx ;)

17th Jul 2002, 00:45
Isn't EL already jam-packed, im really loving Ta Phrom and Pompeii, but im a little skeptical about VCI.

Will Romania replace VCI? or will you add it to the series?

when i think of exoctic, usually it's exciting different and engaing new areas. I do like street/city levels, but i wouldn't consider them exoctic.

You keep adding/deleting things and changing the EL storyline and levels, im happy the way it is, and im really excited about the levels. One city setting is enough.

You can add it if you want, it's just my opinion.

17th Jul 2002, 01:03
the context of 'exotic' i was using meant somewhere that didnt appear very often, going to a new place, doing new things. thats why lara went on this adventure, she got bored of egypt :D
(I find Romania exotic :D)
bucharest will not replace vci, maybe i should make it a bonus level (taking the place of alexandria) instead.

Yes I know I keep changing it :p but that's the way I am. I have great ideas for vci, i really want to keep it. That was the one i was least excited about, but I have so much new stuff to use I can't wait to get started! I'm not going to change anything else in the series now, unless i get a request and really like the idea.

I'm leaving it at this:

§Cambodia, 1 level (Ta Phrom)

§Italy, 2 levels (Gardens of Rome, Pompei)

§Peru, 2 levels (Courtyards of Sun and Moon, Pavillion of the Stars)

§India, 2 levels (Jungle, Shrine of the Monkey)

§New York, 2 levels (VCI Design Labs, Artifact Testing Studio)

§Austrailia, 2 levels (Caves of the Sacred, Final Destination)


§Middle Earth, 1 level (Rivendell)


§Romania, 1 level (Streets of Bucharest)

§China, 1 level (Palace of Five Dragons)

I think that is adequate, and to satisfy my inner-self I will make Rivendell the credits level, you play your way through the beatiful place and then are treated to an awesome cutscene with many forums members names (including you, larzbritsh) that ends the game. then you go back to the title screen and can play the bonus levels :D are these ideas good? :rolleyes:

17th Jul 2002, 01:36
wow, i didn't know that the credits and extra levels would contain forum members. What a great way to show your appreciation.

Did i mention im really excited about the EL levels. This is no doubt, going to be next to The Last Saga as my favorite series.

This looks like a lot of work, but so far it looks really good, and i guess vci means different and exciting, so im estatic about this.

I hope this series will be a success like Tomo's series. Keep up the good work Chronicles5.

PS. i hope this would be the last change, so you can start working without interruption.

17th Jul 2002, 02:15
Originally posted by LarzBritsh
I hope this series will be a success like Tomo's series.

It will be a success, and I will put all my effort into it, but it will never compare to Tomo's series :p I'm glad you like it. :)

17th Jul 2002, 04:58
what should I make fo a title load screen? I currently have a midsummer's night dream type I made, but it gets more boring to me everytime i load it up. maybe rivendell should be a title load screen, and have the credits there...QUICK! larzbritsh! shut me up before i make another change!! lol all i want to do is change it around, im a monster! :rolleyes: if you want to see more of my big changes, read this taken from my website:

My tomb raider game is like a living thing, I make so many changes in the story and levels, it started as Lara's escape from the pyramids, which had 8 levels, this blew up in my face, it was terrible. I showed a brief interest in greek mythology and made a level for each greek god, which wasn't good either. I then tried to make a game where lara gets the iris and has to return it to it's rightful place. I didnt even start this before it was changed to a series of international landmarks trips, including stonehenge, machu pichu, easter island, etc. this was okay, but not very good, next cam the "Lara's last chance series which involved lara claiming 4 artifacts that would restore her to perfect health after her fall down the great pyramid was okay but not nearly as good as my Tomb Raider Chronicles II series, which had a few halfway decent levels,(and btw, Tomb Raider Chronicles II gave me my name, Chronicles2, but when I moved, it was changed to Chronicles4, then to 5) then I totally gave up all those, and spent a while on the forums, adjusting and perfecting my trle skills, until finally, Tomb Raider: Exotic Locations was born. this is my current project, and the levels are quite good! screenshots etc. are found in the 'my levels' section the game has 11 levels, plus bonus levels. the current storyline is here and also in the 'my levels' section.

lol :D

17th Jul 2002, 05:35
Rivendell should be saved for the end, since it's supposed to be credits and a big surprise.

I think for a title screen, you should put different sections of levels together to create an exotic feel. This will make it exciting to finish each level, to each the next, after previewing it in the title screen.

Im not sure what you mean by Midsummer's Dream, it seems like a good idea, but i don't think it fits in with the Exoctic Location series. You have good ideas, but they are flying all over the place. It's hard to stick to one design when you're designing levels, but for the title screen it should be appropriate for Exotic Locations.

17th Jul 2002, 05:46
that is an excellent idea!!! i'm going to have a new project for a few days :D I'm glad you thought of that, it's perfect for the series, you get a little taste of the level before you play it, and save the best for last.

Midsummer's Night Dream is a play written by Shakespeare about twisted love and most of the story is in the woods, and my title load screen was based in the woods, with a couple that walks along, the cutscene follows them as they take a walk, it wasnt supposed to be exotic, i just never changed it after I made it for tomb raider chronicles II.

my ideas are flying all over the place, and luckily we have people like you to keep them under control. :D

17th Jul 2002, 08:29
ok, I've started the title scene, and so far there is Ta Phrom, Rome, and Peru, and I'm using one of my clever nasty little secrets to give each of the locations (all six of them) each 3 cutscenes! (the limit is 6 normally) I think my plan will work, this way you can see Ta Phrom, then Rome, then Peru, then India, then New York, Australia, and then you start again at ta phrom with a different scene, and this happens three times, but all the scenes are about the same length as the trc ones. I was going to do sound like the TRC cutscene, when i realized i should just use background music because 18 scenes are too many to each have their own perfectly-chosen music selection. so far they look great though, and some of them feature rain! :D

17th Jul 2002, 16:33
I just downloaded TRLR: The Times Exclusive today, and I took one look at the office and I said to myself: "Pavillion can wait, India can wait, I AM MAKING VCI TODAY!!!" A while later, I started on my wad and textures, and let me tell you, the wad is phenomenal. :D Some objects are new, and I used some of Tomo's baddies that work on the computer and talk to each other. This room is the starting room, kind of a library research center, and lara has to kill both guards before they trip the alarm switch! :) They can't see her from the start, and you can see them typing and talking, but you have to watch out! Check out the pics:
If you are wondering about the outift, MountainDewNut made it for me :) Thanx again! ;)

17th Jul 2002, 18:14
VCI is looking really good. Im not playing Pompeii until you intentionally release it, even though i have it right now.

yes, im quite aquainted with The Bard's work. When i heard about the Midsummer's Dream title screen i thought it was a beautiful idea.

The TRC loading screens were very good, and they really give you a taste of some of the locations. It's a good idea to do something like that for EL.

Im really excited about Ta Phrom and Peru from what i've seen so far. I hope to see them soon.

PS. the ceiling looks weird in the VCI shots.

17th Jul 2002, 18:31
now that i look at it again, it looks a little weird, I'll fix that.

you can feel free to play Pompei if you really want to, it's fine ;) you can be a tester of it, and let me know what to fix b4 it's released :D

The title load screen looks awesome! it's not that big, 1-3 rooms for each scene, but I textured it so it looks like there's more, and sometimes you can't see a whole wall, giving the feeling that there's something else there that isnt (hehe :D) I'm about to start working on the VCI part. If I finish it today, I'll probly let you try it, so I can make improvements. It'll be a few days before the whole thing is finished. Also, at the end of the scene, it goes black, and you see stars and white letters that say exotic locations by chronicles5 etc. :) you probly will see Ta Phrom very soon, but don't get too excited, I have alot of other projects to work on :D Also, I can't find the Frontpage disks so i cant get started on my site :(

17th Jul 2002, 18:46
I'll start on Pompeii right now, and i'll let you now if i encounter a bug etc.

Im excited to play VCI too, to see Tomo's enemies in action would be great.

So the only place that you haven't started on would be Australia and the exta/bonus levels right?

17th Jul 2002, 19:19
those and india arent started.

pavillion is on pause right now, and im just working on the title load screen and when that's done i will finish vci, then finish pavillion, then work on india, then the other vci level, then australia, the credits level, and finally the bonus level. then I'll go back and improve the hell out of them! :D

my new uklogo.PAK is transparent, so you can see the load screen better :D and I'm about to start work on the vci section of the load screen now :)

oh ya, btw i hope you like pompei, and keep in mind there are 5 secrets (one is in plain sight i forgot to hide it :o)

and also, you will see tomo's enemies in action in the vci section of the title load screen :D

17th Jul 2002, 20:13
Ta Phrom will be traning right? That's why you have young Lara in it. Does this mean that she was young when she started traning and her Ta Phrom adventure?

How does tie in to nearly 10 years later when she embarks on Pompeii artifact/adventure?

Can you give an idea of how the storyline will tie and how the ending will be. (if it isn't too much of a spoiler ;) )

The waterfall/Peru/Ta Phrom screens look really outdoorsy and exotic. Peru and Ta Phrom will be my favorite.

17th Jul 2002, 20:24
Well, Peru has scenery, but it also has nasty puzzles and traps http://www.westwoodi.net/~smilies/contrib/ruinkai/FIREdevil.gif

The Ta Phrom level is about 10 minutes after Von Croy got to the Iris. It isn't really much of a training level, but I might change it to be one before it's release. :D This is the storyline:

Lara was escaping from the Angkor Wat complex, when she stumbled across Ta Phrom, angkor wat, a very scenic place. trying to exit the complex, lara was driven further into the heart of the place when whe found some ancient inscriptions carved in stone talking of the mysterious 5 artifacts. lara, having decided she'd had enough raiding for age 16, returned home. she later had a dream about this incident, when she came back from her egypt adventures. she dreampt of these artifacts, their power, and how she must add them to her collection.
she set out to these places to begin her final destiny.

how is that? need some tweaking or do you think it's okay? i like it anyway :rolleyes:

I'm going to have the coolest effect in my load screen, that i just finished making. In the VCI part, you go down a hallway and enter an office, where you see two vci guys talking. Then the scene shifts around, and the VCI guys look right at you and shoot you. How they know you are there? It's my secret :p.

17th Jul 2002, 20:32
So young Lara gets a gimpse and but she leaves Ta Phrom with nothing.

and later in the future, she goes back? or she doesn't go back, but starts on her adventures for the other artifact.

Would be storyline be planned out, like Lara knows exactly where she needs to go next. Or...maybe a new twist in the story forces her her visit those other places .;)

Im glad to here the title screen is going really good, just don't make it better than the levels :p

The AI should be realistic, how do they know she is right around the corner? .It's fun to sneak around and kill them with surprise, but it's even scarier when they get to you first.
Im curious to see how it works out.

17th Jul 2002, 20:51
well, bad new for load screen. I finished the vci part with the cool effect, and it crashed. i think i have too many objects (only 15?) in the vci area, so i deleted most of the wad, it is down to 620 object textures which is really really really low. im going to try and make it less detailed, before the hallway had a hole in the roof, you could see the stars through it, and it was raining inside :p i thought it was pretty cool looking, but it was more than the level editor could handle. now, australia, of course i always save the best for last, I still have to think of exactly what to do, but i want an insane waterfall, better than the last two, and this time im using different textures so they wont look seperate. any ideas? :D

17th Jul 2002, 20:57
any pics of the vci part

17th Jul 2002, 21:00
If you want to use less objects, then shorten one of the areas, maybe Pompeii?

Is there one area, where you didn't concentrate the most on, or maybe you didn't like that area a lot, then just shorten it. We will still get an idea of what it is.

I really want you to keep the rain effect.

17th Jul 2002, 21:04
okay, i'll re-do the rain part. but about shortening the parts, i cant they are tiny already, they're only 10 cams each and only about one room to three rooms each, but i will delete as many objects as i can.

cornchild, this level will be released for testing in 1/2 hour or so, so you can see it for yourself then, plus at this point there is no vci part :D. b back in a minute :)

17th Jul 2002, 21:07
how do the enemys know lara is around the corner

17th Jul 2002, 21:09
for Australia:

You should have outdoorsy huge areas. Maybe a big marsh or swamp with crocs and eagles.

or maybe a little bit of TR3's Nevada Desert, but with more color and scenery. Maybe add a jeep and a drive through treacherous cliffs?

17th Jul 2002, 21:29
yes, i wanted to do something with the jeep or quadbike (i cant decide, but i think the jeep fits the area better) i want to make it really awesome in the cutscene, but i dont think the le will let me:( i re-did the hole-in-roof thing, but i think i have to get rid of it again because it keeps crashing. ok i will explain why the guards shoot at you when its just a cuscene. there is a trapdoor in the cieling, lara is up there on the other side of a door. the door opens part way through the cutscene, and lara slides down, activating the guards, when she lands, she falls down and lands on a pad trigger for another flipmap, so she again falls through another trapdoor, and you never see her, but the guards are shooting her, and you think they're shooting at you but they aren't. :p wish me luck :)

17th Jul 2002, 22:16
Ok, I fixed it, it was the cool thing, lara apparently can't move at all during the title screen, or she doesnt have the animations, because she doesnt slide down, and the guards dont shoot, so just forget that part, but i can place all the objects i want now, :D i added back in the busted ceiling part :) the australia part of the load screen will be the best part and worth the wait to get to it, then after that, you will see my name and exotic locaitons etc. :D

17th Jul 2002, 22:51
no, no, no i found a way to keep the shooting effect, and it works perfectly... test version coming up soon...:D

17th Jul 2002, 23:02
looking very good. Good luck on the levels.

17th Jul 2002, 23:15
here is the effect you wanted to keep, larzbritsh, the fallen ceiling with rain in the building...
i've got insane ideas brewing for australia!! :D:D;)

18th Jul 2002, 00:38
Tomb Raider: Exotic Locations Title Load Screen Demo Finished. Open to all to download. Features the Exotic Locations featured in my game, Tomb Raider: Exotic Locations. These locations are:

Ta Phrom, Angkor Wat
Rome, Italy
Machu Picchu, Peru
Delhi, India
New York, U.S.A.
Sydney, Australia

After these are finished, short credits appear, and after that, is the end, and there is a glitch where the camera returns to Lara, which is not supposed to happen, and will be deleted in the official released version. I hope you like it! :)

The link is here: http://www.angelfire.com/ga4/mike63/title.zip

18th Jul 2002, 01:20
downloading right now...

11MB!!:eek: :eek:

You could of used WinRAR to reduce it to 9MB.

18th Jul 2002, 01:31
...I really don't like Winrar... I used the .tr4 file instead of the wad files, and all it has otherwise is script, and a long audio file, and then of course the readme... Well anyway I have a charter connection (always online, screaming fast downloads) so it's no big deal to download 11mb, but I don't know about everyone else... :(

18th Jul 2002, 01:38
Just finished watching it.

when you release it, put in it TOM format

Since this is a demo version it is looking very good, but it seems to be missing an exotic feel without the addition of Australia.

Sometimes you have a fade in to the next scene other times you just jump right into the next scene, choose one.

The camera is jerky in some places, i noticed that Core only jerked the camera quickly after suspenseful scenes.

You spend too much time in Peru, make it short and sweet, if you spend too much time people will notice the static plants being very "static"

Put more VCI. edit: show more vci

hope to see Australia soon, it is looking very good.

You know what would wow me? Showing the waterfalls or lush areas in Ta Phrom, or maybe the cafe in Peru.

18th Jul 2002, 02:01
okay, I know what to do now, it'll look great. I'll show the famous waterfall area of Ta Phrom, connected to the existing part, you go through the cave and come out at the waterfall. Then, for the Peru part, I will combine the two parts (The indoors and jungle areas) The temple leads into the big waterfall room, and for vci, i will add a new area, for rome i will add a 'grand hall' kind of area, like in the tomb raider movie, but much smaller. india i will add a temple i think... Australia has yet to be started, what should i make it like? by this strategy, each area will have 20 cameras and two different linked areas. i think i will do .tom format... I'll stay up really late tonight working on this i bet.. :)

EDIT: What do you mean by the 'cafe in peru?'

18th Jul 2002, 02:18
Cafe in Pompeii? well, it's a cafe, you released a screenshot of it somewhere.

I was wonder what these areas where, I saw some really incredible screenshots of the EL series, but while i was watching the title screen, i wondered why didn't you put any of those incredible places in.

So im glad you are changing it.

and please change Australia, i thought it was another Peru area while i was watching it. When i think of Australia, it's vast deserts with Jeeps, few trees, high cliffs, and blazing sun.

of course these are just ideas im throwing at you.
Im really glad you are redoing the title screen.
EL will be a great series accompanied with a great title screen, hopefully.

18th Jul 2002, 04:05
that was another peru place, australia isnt even started yet

keep in mind that i cant fit alot of textures into this tga, so i cant make alot of really detailed places in this level. by the cafe do you mean the ones that were really green and blue, because i want to include those, but i dont know if i can, lots of textures involved.

i just finished updating the level, and it's great. ta phrom has doubled in size to include the famous waterfall scene, peru has too, it goes inside that temple which is that waterfall room...

i dont know what to do about rome, i want to add that cafe scene, but i dont know if i can with the textures im using..

for india im going to add a temple hidden behind the waterfall etc.

austalia wont be so much deserts, but there will be marshy swamps, with a spectacular waterfall (you can tell i love waterfalls) hidden in the trees. there might be a jeep hidden in the trees somewhere. there will probly be a cave somewhere too... how does that sound? :)

18th Jul 2002, 04:56
Australia sounds really good, when i see this new screen?

Ta Phrom has doubled in size? I was think you could replace the current Ta Phrom area, so you have more textures for the other places.
The waterfall in Ta Phrom should be spectacular enough.

Your ideas for India and Australia are great, and this new title screen should prove to be better.

18th Jul 2002, 07:19
this gets better every minute, vci has a ton of new stuff in it, it's coming out great. in india there is a shrine behind the waterfall which is really cool. rome has a new cafe to add to the town area australia will begin construction tommorow, as new pics arise. :)

18th Jul 2002, 15:19
Australia Pictures:
Each scene is now 20 cams long, and all the loading is fixed, there are no problems with cameras. Ta Phrom looks more wet now, and the vci guards talk to each other, but do not shoot anymore :( India looks very cool. But right now, there are too many waterfall objects, and my animation ranges are failing. :( I'm working on it! :) What do you think of Australia?

18th Jul 2002, 16:42
That's looks really good now, but...

Australia is supposed to be a marsh or swampy area right? I was imaging a low swamp with lots of plants and trees with a lot of sun, or maybe a desert scene to give a change from the waterfall?

the second pictures looks really good, like a low marsh, keep it.

18th Jul 2002, 16:50
thanx! there area still problems with animation ranges, they arent moving anymore, and my waterfall objects (ta phrom area) have graphics of a plant object used for the vci section. im deleting a bunch of these plants in hopes that will go away. vci is looking great, so is india, and rome isnt too bad. autralia is undoubtedly my fave. i hate to leave my workstation, but it's like 90 degrees again here, so im going in the pool! :D cya ;)

18th Jul 2002, 18:17

18th Jul 2002, 18:35
not too easy to see, but here's the glitched waterfall textures:
the 'wetter' Ta Phrom area:

18th Jul 2002, 21:20
Larzbritsh, you seemed to want to see Ta Phrom more, and I just finished working on it, but it's not done yet. I changed all the dry textures and added lots of wet ones, so it doesn't look so boring. Here are some pics:

i will finish it soon, but these should hold you over till the release. :D

18th Jul 2002, 21:25
Smashing! waiting...

18th Jul 2002, 23:43
thanx! :p
sorry i had to go for a while. im resuming construction now :D

19th Jul 2002, 01:58
Great, i hope to play it soon.

What's next for release after Ta Phrom? I'll be sure to review this on Mprager's.

19th Jul 2002, 02:01
is it okay with you if i keep it a bit short? if you want me to make it longer i will, but it's ready to be tested if you want it. :p

19th Jul 2002, 02:04
It's okay to keep it short, it's your level.

Ta Phrom is just training and exploration, it doesn't need to be longer as long as there are pretty sights to see.

19th Jul 2002, 02:07
I think Gardens of Rome and Pompei will be next for release, then probly the title load screen (looking great btw) and after that, whichevers done first: courtyards+pavillion or vci levels (most likely the peru ones...) then india and australia.

and about your ideas for EL II- I thought it over, and I think I'll be doing this:

-Aleutian Islands
-Spain (Alhambra)

They are spread around the world pretty good, right? Also, China might be changed to Japan... My script file will double in size with all these, but I'll have a great collection of levels when it's done. I will also make 2 new bonus levels, and a new credits level to go with this series, and I think a London Streets level with young lara and how she learns her moves and stuff. Also she will break into the london times (for reasons unknown) and read an article about 5 artifacts around the world... (I've got the beginnings of a story in mind) :) hows that sound?

19th Jul 2002, 02:12
Im glad you are staring EL2, but you should get your storyline in order. Will this be a new story or will it tie in with Exotic Locations.

The Young Lara Times level sounds good, i don't know how you would get Young Lara to break in without dealing with many baddies or using guns. Maybe use Gokuz's Young Lara.

EL2 sounds good. New locations and such.

19th Jul 2002, 02:46
Okay, demo is ready! (I'm not releasing it officially till the script is perfect) Let me know of any bugs or problems etc. There are 3 secrets. I included no audio, only the wad files and script, and a readme of course. It is less than 1mb! :) http://www.angelfire.com/ga4/mike63/taphrom.zip
what do you think?

EL II probly will tie in with EL I, but I just need to figure out how. I haven't started it yet, but I've done quite a bit of planning, and I think the locations this time are more exotic, being that lara hasn't been to these places (I am changing china to japan after all) Aleutian Islands, she's been there, but most people haven't played TRII Gold I think. Do you have any ideas on how the games can be linked? btw what do you think of ta phrom when your done with it. :)

19th Jul 2002, 04:08
I sent my review, check your email.

But this is what i left out:

1. Those false platforms in the dangerous croc area was very evil. I thought this was supposed to be training.

2. It's annoying how the warthogs can easily pass through static objects, and Lara has to maneuver through them herself.

3. In the 2nd pic of Ta Phrom you posted, the gong thing looks like it's hanging in midair.

19th Jul 2002, 04:30
I forgot to mention

This was a very well built and fun level, now, im sure that EL will be a success.

19th Jul 2002, 04:37
sorry about the platforms, you werent supposed to jump to them... they were only there for decoration, i wanted the statues on them to take up all the space so no-one wold think of going there... (that was NOT an evil trap!!

what should i do about the warthogs?'

also check your mail :D

19th Jul 2002, 04:44
is it possible to make a warthog friendly?

I suggested getting rid of the warthog that appeared on the upper grounds, after getting the secret, as i said, that one scared the heck out of me. It snucked up behind me. So unless you enjoy scaring people get rid of it.

Maybe reduce the # of hogs to 2 in the first area, so they wouldn't outnumber Lara and harass her.

The rest of the hogs were fine. Since this is training, hogs are fine, but too many makes it anything but training.

19th Jul 2002, 04:53
The bats from TR3, are great for atmosphere, but don't trigger them in tight spaces (that will give people heart attacks), trigger them in big open spaces, so people would think they stumbled onto new virgin grounds.

and about the blocks that lara needs to jump onto in the crocs areas, making them round would be a great challenge, since Lara cannot grab onto them.

EDIT: the hog that i said that was triggered when i found the secret, actually that hog was from the next room, it followed me back to the secret.

19th Jul 2002, 11:05
EL sounds very very interesting! How are you doing with the title screen? You know, it would be nice if you could have Lara diving off a waterfall (in the title screen).

Every time I try to download something trough the links you post here Angelfire tells me: "Angelfire does not allow direct linking
from offsite, non-Angelfire pages,
to files hosted on Angelfire.
This practice of 'remote linking' reduces
our ability to serve out the homepages
of our members quickly and efficiently."
What's wrong? Oh, and what's your site? When will your new site be up?

19th Jul 2002, 16:11
thanx! um, i dont know what laras animations are for the title wad, because for one of my ideas, lara would slide down a slope, and two guards would see her (but you wouldnt) and they would shoot at her but you thought they were shooting at you so it was really cool. unfortunatley, lara wouldnt slide down the slope, she just stayed up there (I tested and got a view of it) As such, I dont know if she can dive off a waterfall, but it is a good idea, and I probably will try it. Wish me luck!

Well, Angelfire is all I have now, my site will be up sooner or later. While moving, we lost the FrontPage disks and my stepdad doesnt want to replace them, so I have to find them, hopefully soon. When my room downstairs (under construction) is done, we have alot of boxes to open, hopefully i will find the cd's there, and my site will finally get up and runnning. That will be pretty soon, so I hope I find them. And V_Croft, my angelfire site has been closed (still dont know why) so that is probably the problem, that is also why all the pics I posted are little red x's now :(. But when my own site is up, there will be no corrupt downloads, you are not downloading from the internet, you are downloading from my own hard drive so it will always work :D

I'm glad you've taken an interest in E.L. :)

19th Jul 2002, 20:20
E.L. has the sort of levels I like... You know, waterfalls and nice scenery... I've noticed that you've used some really nice custom textures in Ta Phom :D

P.S.Well, I don't know many things about the level editor. I'm just going with the manual. I would like to learn how to create my own levels. And I thing I've made improvements... :p

19th Jul 2002, 22:02
Oh, V_Croft, if you want to learn about the editor, just wait till my site comes out! I have written out all the pages on the site in notepad, all I have to do in the site is copy and paste, and I have so many tutorials and tips, it's a site mostly for newbies and level editors in training, it has a complete archive of TR1-5 wads and textures, with audio on request, and you can email me with any problems. I have tutorial levels, and mini-wads and tgas, and lots of stuff for the common level editor to the expert programmer to use. It's going to be awesome, if I ever find the disks :D I have all sorts of errors and solutions posted, and lots of my own discoveries will be posted too. You'll love it! :)

EDIT: and oh, btw if you like waterfalls and nice scenery, you'll also love EL, because scenery is basically what it's about... :)

20th Jul 2002, 06:09
soon everyone will be raving about Ta Phrom and EL. :D

God bless you Kenny Rogers!

20th Jul 2002, 14:16
@Chronicles5: I guess your site will help me a lot! You know now, the tutorial doesn't include that many things...only the basics...

20th Jul 2002, 14:27
yeah, and in a million places, the manual says 'not used' when we found out it actually was. I update my tutorial alot, and the tutorial levels i've made feature my mini wads and tgas, and show you how to use the wads and tgas effectively. :) And I'm glad you think people will like my levels, larzbritsh! :) thanx