View Full Version : Polls??

Lil Lara
15th Jul 2002, 04:02
Can anyone post polls?? 'Cause they wont let me!! I had a good one in mind too...

15th Jul 2002, 06:12
I'll post you one, what do you want it to be, how many options etc. :)

Lil Lara
15th Jul 2002, 17:51
Thank you, kind sir! Hehe.. umm.. I wanted to ask, "What is your favorite country in TR3?" Options including...India, US(nevada), South Pacific Islands, England(including All Hallows), and Antartica. Oh yeah! Add any "fun" options you'd like!

15th Jul 2002, 17:58
consider it done! :)

EDIT- despite my good intentions, the Yes! Post a poll! option was missing in my new post. If this is for a reason, it should come back soon, but if there is just something wrong with the poll option, then it should be brought up with mods. I'm really sorry, Lil Lara! :(

Lil Lara
15th Jul 2002, 18:09
Oh, it's ok.. not your fault. Hmm.. so can anyone post a poll? I remember someone else saying that they couldn't, I think it was Aquarius or someone...

15th Jul 2002, 18:41
Obviously, this option has been disabled by the admins, I presume, due to the polls flooding recently. Just forget about it for now. ;)

Lil Lara
15th Jul 2002, 19:05
Hmm.. ok, I see.. I shall wait...

15th Jul 2002, 19:52
I used to think that you'd have to use <list> and </list> to post polls, and then check the post poll feature.

But i learned how to post a poll, when i posted my first one. It was really easy.

Lil Lara
15th Jul 2002, 21:01
Hmm.. well, I've posted a poll before and all you had to do was check the box that says, "yes, post a poll"( or something like that) and then it takes you to a screen where you fill out the nessicary informaiton. Now that little box is gone.:( :confused: