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14th Jul 2002, 21:59
I thought it was really great, so I don't understand how the critics could have said it was bad.

Okay, the ending in Siberia was kind of bad, but it was a good movie overall. BTW, Lara in love with Alex West or what?!?!

14th Jul 2002, 22:06
*puts his head down and walks away*

Some fan you are. :rolleyes:


Just kidding, or am I. ;)

14th Jul 2002, 23:19
The critics said that it was bad because this movie did not have a strong enough plot. Pfff, great excuse:rolleyes:

14th Jul 2002, 23:21
I watched the movie (again :rolleyes: ) today becos I was bored and no one was talking to me on the forum (hint hint) I enjoy the movie becos I love to watch AJ she is sooooo beautiful, and whether you like the movie or not, she makes a good Lara. Of course I watch the movie for Bryce as well, Bryce rocks!!!! I do hope he is in the next one. :D

14th Jul 2002, 23:23
Originally posted by Prelude
AJ she is sooooo beautiful

Yes, I agree;)

Slave 4 Her
15th Jul 2002, 00:40
Critics are just losers with no lives.They hate everything and cant see a film for what it is...'a fun popcorn action flick.'
Your right though, the ending was bit weak and anti-climatic, but overall the film was cool, Angelina was PERFECT.

15th Jul 2002, 11:08
I really liked the movie.

N00b critics learn very quickly that they get far better praise for writing harsh reviews rather than good ones (unless of course it has been hyped to the max, in which case they learn to go with the flow). Never trust a critic, trust me instead. http://forums.dayofdefeatmod.com/forums/imagescamo/smilies/devious.gif

16th Jul 2002, 00:13
i loved the movie, i think A.J. made a great Lara, and i will be happy to see the next movie. i think some people were expecting a little to much, and therefore were dissapointed. i do think they are working a little harder on the next one. i'm also looking forward to the new game, in fact, i'm getting rather anxious for it.:D

The Sage Of Time
16th Jul 2002, 00:27
The movie was great, although it didn't follow the game all that well..
Personally I'd have liked the movie better if the butler had been a old man. :D

16th Jul 2002, 00:40
Originally posted by The Sage Of Time
Personally I'd have liked the movie better if the butler had been a old man. :D

Ditto that. I can just imagine Jeeves coming out with a shotgun to shoot those guards. When they shoot back, he realizes that he needs to get his hand on some Bayer.....FAST.

16th Jul 2002, 14:37
In my view, Angelina was brilliant, and the visual effects were seemingly flawless. The plot, however.. Well, it didn't flow. Motivations were weak, and the characters were not strong. Blame the flowing, and probably the characters/movtives on Stuart Baird, the film's editor. The movie was basically scenes pasted together to make some sort of storyline. Even if you watch the deleted scenes, the characters to indeed tell more of a story. Powell, when he cuts of Wilsons head, you know then and there he's a cold blooded killer. The rest of the movie that wasn't cut doesn't tell us much about him at all. But then again, this whole problem could have been solved if people had just tried harder.


16th Jul 2002, 19:09
I'd like to see the whole unedited movie, which I think would have a better story.

BTW, I agree, AJ is gorgeous! lol

16th Jul 2002, 23:16
I would also like to see how Simon West had intended us to see the film. I heard that there were actually 3 pieces to the triangle(that would mean a whole nother place that she didn't go) also the end was way way better.

17th Jul 2002, 05:41
It's the first I've heard of it, sounds like it would've been pretty good...

Three pieces make more sense anyway, it is a triangle...

17th Jul 2002, 09:10
I agree with Seth.

The re-editing of the movie to make it more zippy in an MTV stylee was a huge mistake...it just wasn't shot with that in mind.

I'd love to see the movie Simon West intended us to see, with its original score, original title sequence and more emphasis placed on character and plot development, as opposed to "Get to the next shoot out - QUICK!!"


19th Jul 2002, 15:34
[i]Originally posted by LaraAngelOfDarkness
also the end was way way better.

Out of curiosity, what was the end exactly?

19th Jul 2002, 21:53
When I heard they were making a movie about Tombraider I was reeeeally worried!!! But I have to say that I think Angline Jolie did Lara justice. The story wasn't exactly brilliant but I thought the effects and soundtrack were great!!!

newbie gamer
20th Jul 2002, 05:09
please dont hate me much but i really didn't care for aj as lara i thought she had too strong of a personality i'd like to think of lara as a genuine lady who just happens to get things done i think alyssa milano could have done lara justice.

21st Jul 2002, 08:08
I love the movie only thing is that I would have liked to see Lara crack it like if she is mad get mad so a bit flat on the emotional side of things but over all great. Gee I must have loved it cause last week I had to replace my dvd cause I stuffed it up somehow.

21st Jul 2002, 08:12
AJ is the only one who can do Lara justice anyone else would be a joke