View Full Version : Can someone tell me how good is FFX

14th Jul 2002, 21:51
Many people say this is a great game. I have the game, but I need to buy a ps2. Anyone can tell me:confused:

Goku Noble Warrior
14th Jul 2002, 23:03
How come you got the game if you didnt have a ps2?

15th Jul 2002, 01:19
:rolleyes: My brother has a PS2 so I get to play FFX a lot.
in fact, i'm at the end of the game. I love it. it's an awesome game. It's not that hard, if you power up a bit, but it is complicated in some parts. (A strategy guide helps out there).
Once you get a PS2 I'm sure you'll like it. ;)

15th Jul 2002, 03:02
Thanks......man......I'm glad I got the game first because when I get my ps2 this week I can play it right away!:cool: :cool: :cool:

15th Jul 2002, 03:08
P.S. The reviews and clips were cool! I know for a fact that game is good, but I just want to know others opinions......who has also played this game:)

15th Jul 2002, 13:33

reckon what do you want to know about 'X?

-the mechanics?

-the battle system?

-grid system?


FFX is the Second best game in the Final Fantasy Series. FFVII still holds the number One spot. :)

If you've never played a turn-based RPG before; FFX is a good one to start with.

Just be prepared to waste a lot of valuable time 'looking' for things....;)

15th Jul 2002, 15:27
Yeah, I have been playing RPG's, such as, FFVII....but not one of this calibur! FFVII is awesome!:eek: :eek:

Thank you for the info, 3car!:D

15th Jul 2002, 16:13
3car do you have the Pal/International version?

FFX is a VERY good game. Definately better than the **** that was FFVIII/IX. From now on it gos:


Chilled Unit
15th Jul 2002, 16:31
FFX is stunning.. for me it edges out FFVII by a whisker because I prefer the story, it seems more focused; and the updates to levelling up and battle are superb.

I found it pretty easy on my first go through without looking for te optional bosses; providing you level up a little bit.. once you get certain abilities the compulsory bosses can be dispatched with quite easily. Creating jaw-droppingly stunning characters (**Auron = God :D) is more time consuming and tough as the amount of enemies and money required to bribe for the rarest items (which you'll need in quantity :)) is large!

Oh; and the celestial weapon subquests are *tough* to bring the weapons to their full power.

21st Jul 2002, 03:40
Its an amazing game,thats for sure!Though there isnt like millions of sidequests,the ones they placed are 5x the difficulty of any of the other ff's.With the new sphere grid and secret aoens,you certainly wont get bored of this game.Not in a million years(literally)

21st Jul 2002, 13:29
Man.....I see there is alot of side stories and the graphics and gameplay is aaaawwwweeeessssoooommmmmeeeeee! So far I'm loving this game. My ps2 should be finish cooling off I'm about to get back to the game......thanks y'all.....you helped alot. *turning in the key and going back to the game*:) :)

22nd Jul 2002, 20:36

just set the PS2 on or under the A\C vent. It wont overheat thataway. You might, the PS2 wont...

If you get hungry, Dominoes is way faster than PizzaHut... ;)

23rd Jul 2002, 00:52
Final Fantasy X is a awsome game. But some parts it is hard to deal with. ;) :cool: :)

23rd Jul 2002, 00:56
Why buy the game if you don't have a ps2 machine???
:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

23rd Jul 2002, 15:10

buy the game first then, if you don't have the console, you now have an excuse to buy the console. see? it's reverse psychology on yourself.

25th Jul 2002, 03:30
oh... FFX was good... but Xenosaga's gonna be godly. oh yeah