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14th Jul 2002, 19:36
Hi, i thank you for any and all answers, I have just loaded C2 and I am trying the first game. They have changed everything on how to use the commandos. I have knocked out the soliders but i can not tie them up and pick them up to move them. The first game only has two commandos. One is the Inferno and the other is Lupin. I have been useing Lupin to knock them out and I have pushed "Q" and it will not work to tie them up. So any help on this would be helpful. thank you again. Smokeyjoe

Mack the Knife
14th Jul 2002, 19:51
if at first you don't suceed, try try again. meaning, try the sapper. lupin can't tie people up but he can pick them up as they all can. tie with the sapper..

also, shift click to tie and once you do this then immediately pick them up and they're automatically tied up. this way you can save time if you need to get them hidden in a hurry...

14th Jul 2002, 19:52
Use inferno to tie up the soldiers = shift + left mouse click. The thief(=lupin) & natasha can't tie up soldiers.


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Mack the Knife
14th Jul 2002, 19:56
mack is faster than me
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15th Jul 2002, 10:02
Originally posted by Mack the Knife

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15th Jul 2002, 15:58
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Mack the Knife
15th Jul 2002, 19:48
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15th Jul 2002, 21:05
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16th Jul 2002, 11:26
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16th Jul 2002, 11:49
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16th Jul 2002, 14:53
When I 1st reviewed C2 for Combatsim.com last year I'd never played previous Commando titles and the 1st mission you speak of was maddening. I think I tried it 75 times before I made it. Part of the new player's quandry is the poor manual. Mine had many blank pages too! It has contradicting key uses and doesn't tell you exactly how to effect some of the characters' abilities in any detail. The tie and gag thing had 2 opposing key descriptions and by accident I hit it right on the keyboard as the keys did nothing that were pointed out in the manual.

Once you stumble through a few missions you'll have it better controlled.

16th Jul 2002, 19:28
Originally posted by 1shot1kill
At least i got a fan!

Make that TWO shots one kill. She is a real killah!

16th Jul 2002, 21:04
Well yeah they have given the Americans a bad copy of the manual, but at lest the europeans got a colored manual with good instructions. :)

Mack the Knife
16th Jul 2002, 22:02
She is a real killah
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17th Jul 2002, 14:15
Originally posted by Mack the Knife

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