View Full Version : i need more help in tr3

14th Jul 2002, 19:19
at the first in the jungle i pull the lever and it opens the gate behind the big tree i slide across the water and then if any one could give me any hints to were to go after i jump into the room where i kill a tiger and a monkey. please help

14th Jul 2002, 19:31
uhmm im not sure if this is where u r but is it very misty and is there a hole in the ground?? if so theres a tree trunk and u can crawl under it.

14th Jul 2002, 20:09
You need to go to the next clearing and look for a tree with a hole through the bottom of it.Inside is a switch.Be prepared to run as soon as you use it.Good luck.

16th Jul 2002, 00:28
ok im in a place i just cralled up a ladder and i found my self at a place where you go down and there is stuff that looks like quick sand and door but there is a lever looking thing beside it but i cant do any thing with it she says no when i walk up to it and push action.. I just killed a tiger or what ever it is. i dont know what to do . this game is to confusing i started out playing the last revolution but i got stuck in that and then i started playing this one.

16th Jul 2002, 00:48
When you got to the top of the ladder, did you pick up the key laying there before the monkey did?If not , hunt him down and shoot him. Then check him for the key,by standing over him and using action.Once you have the key you can open the gate.By the way , if you hadn't noticed.the monkey's also steal her med paks.Alway's check you're dead monkey's for pick-up's.Good Luck.