View Full Version : I have found the answer to our problems: 1 email address but 2 separate accounts

10th Dec 2016, 04:29
I think that there are two separate accounts for square-enix. There is the account that we are on now called na.square-enix.com in which i am able to log in with my email and password. However, there is a second account at account.square-enix.com. i cannot log into this account, which i believe is supposed to be my main account for transactions.

I have my original confirmation email from 2013 with my initial na.square-enix.com account activation, which I am obviously logged into now. After that, I made an account at account.square-enix.com which is the "real" account for our transactions including ff 14. I still have the original confirmation email for that account. It is the same email address as my na account but it seems the passwords must be different and that is why I cannot log into this account.square-enix.com.

We need a pasword recovery for account.square-enix.com and that should allow us to access our overall account.


Square Enix,

I need a way to access my account.square-enix.com. It is the same email address as na.square-enix.com but I cannot access it.