View Full Version : Who's gonna miss her?

14th Jul 2002, 17:51

Who's gonna miss lara's old look?
and whos gonna like better her....


with her new look?

14th Jul 2002, 17:54
Im definitely liking the new look and wont miss the old
unrealistic look at all.

14th Jul 2002, 18:00
I will miss you Dagger, hurry back :D

14th Jul 2002, 18:04
i miss u already prelude..wtih ur bud can always their by ur side *sniff..sniff* (lol)

I like her old look...he new look makes her seem kinda scary looking. and her eyes looks like racoon eyes:p :D

14th Jul 2002, 18:08
mmmm Bud

*goes to fridge*

14th Jul 2002, 18:11
its sunday you shouldnt be drinking!

*sees wine bottle*

scratch that...:D

14th Jul 2002, 18:52
I love the new look. Her clothes look really expensive now, compared to...her old ones.

14th Jul 2002, 18:55
she cant have expensive clothes she's on the run!!

what's clothes got to do with it? i still go for the old Lara!!!;)

14th Jul 2002, 18:58
yeah, ive always wondered that.

But she probably got them before she was on the run.

The old Lara look is really classic and will always be what i think of when i think of Lara.

This new look is a new change with a whole new game.

14th Jul 2002, 19:00
your right..her new look goes with the game...

Dark and Misterious...

Kurtis Trent
15th Jul 2002, 00:53
I love Lara's new look.

15th Jul 2002, 01:16
I think her new look makes her look younger. She doesn't look like she's 30 now.

Mr Sinster
15th Jul 2002, 02:45
Is there really that much change ????????.
I mean,when your lady gets her hair done,and puts on some make-up,she looks different,but do you miss her old look ???? NO!
So to me Lara has just had a make-over,and is still the same good looking Lara that we all love.:D

15th Jul 2002, 02:52
I like her new look better. It shows the tougher side of Lara.

15th Jul 2002, 03:11
I love both Lara's old look&new look, but she has changed so much that sometimes I feel strange when I see the new Lara.

Lil Lara
15th Jul 2002, 03:12
I also like the new look of Lara. She is supposed to be darker, more detatched, harder.. way different than before her incident in Egypt. Of course, with all these new changes, after surviving.. of course she is going to go through a little make over. :p I love the new look, in a way I will miss the old Lara, and the old look, but I wont miss it that much.

One thing that I will miss a little more than her look, is the old style of game play. The new games will have some traditional play, but I guess I will still be nostalgic for the old games. But I am so excited for the new game and excited for the new way they are going with the game. I say on with the new, and if you are missing the olden days.. just replay the other games! :D

15th Jul 2002, 03:14
The olden games are always classics and it's what TR is about.

Im really excited about AOD, but i'll never forget the old games.

15th Jul 2002, 06:18
I like the old Lara, and the new one, but it wouldn't matter to me if the old games kept going, because I like tr that much, but unfortunatley that would be "bad for marketing" but lara's new look is ok. May tomb raider live on forever, and may the 'old lara' never die or else i will be forced to http://www.westwoodi.net/~smilies/otn/sad/mecry.gif and ask Prelude to grab me a beer (j/k im only 14 :D)

15th Jul 2002, 07:20
I love the old Lara and I guess I'll miss her http://www.videogame.it/emoticons/images1/014.gif http://www.videogame.it/emoticons/images5/7.gif but the new look is cool! As a matter of fact it's still Lara!
BTW, I don't think she'll look that different while in the game.
Ah, Prelude, give me a beer http://www.videogame.it/emoticons/images7/drink.gif (no, j/k I'm 14, too ;) )

15th Jul 2002, 07:36
lol V_Croft, i love that smiley, prelude should put it in her sig :D :p

15th Jul 2002, 07:50
@Cronicles5: ;) :D

15th Jul 2002, 07:59

15th Jul 2002, 08:30
Originally posted by Dagger of Xian
i miss u already prelude..wtih ur bud can always their by ur side *sniff..sniff* (lol)

I like her old look...he new look makes her seem kinda scary looking. and her eyes looks like racoon eyes:p :D Love the comment on the raccoon eyes man if Lara was real you may be so dead hehe.

15th Jul 2002, 08:34
I like both but Lara looked so much more innocent angel like in the old games. Miss the big brown innocent eyes I agree as someone wrote on the old forum. AOD she looks like she's stepped from the silver screen. And much more mature.

15th Jul 2002, 11:53
Oops I think I’m getting a bit of a reputation here.....Oh well I can live with that, here you go guys have a beer, go on live a little http://www.videogame.it/emoticons/images7/drink.gif

On topic I like both Lara’s looks, her new look is harder and more realistic, her old look always makes me smile, http://www.plauder-smilies.de/icon16.gif ah memories, I think its classier and fun. If I had to choose I would say.....the old look, it’s not too serious.

*Police enter room and arrest Prelude for encouraging under aged drinking, when she is asked if she has anything to say she says......*

“Can I just press send before you put those on me?....”

15th Jul 2002, 13:28
Woa, I'm still laughing! http://www.videogame.it/emoticons/images1/010.gif

-Hey, Mr judge, you're a good man, don't put her in jail... plz!
-Prelude: That's right, I'm innocent... well... yea, I'll stick to that, I'm innocent!
-Judge: Silence! -------------------- INNOCENT, but no more beers for >>one<< day!
-what a stiff penalty! It's tragic! (lol-j/k) Ok, thank you Mr. X!

*Let's celebrate! Cheers! http://www.videogame.it/emoticons/images7/drink.gif*

Now, on topic, I'll have to agree with Prelude. The new Lara is looking more mature+more serious... But, on the other hand she's prettier and more realistic!

15th Jul 2002, 14:03
Mmmmm a nice cold Corona with a twist of lennon pushed slowly into the neck as not to let it slide into the bottle but to allow the beer to lick at it on the way into your mouth..................................

Oh yeah i like the new Lara as well:D

15th Jul 2002, 14:54
Depends on what you mean by "old"..

There's the TR1-3 Lara..

And the TR:LR-TRC Lara..

I personally prefer TR:LR to TRC Lara.

15th Jul 2002, 15:44
no, no, no Seth! that is the tr3 lara, there is a huge difference between tr1 lara, tr2 lara, tr3 lara, tr4 lara, and trc lara. let me show you the difference! When your obsessed as I am, you will be able to tell the difference by looking at lara's eye or something small even. take a look at these pics:

TR1 Lara
TR2 Lara
TR3 Lara
TRC Lara

Cant' you see the differences?

And btw Prelude, lmao :D if you remember in lara's party, you were asleep most of the time, and drunk when you woke up.

Those pics will show up in 2 hours or so, according to angelfire, the site will be down for that long... sorry...

15th Jul 2002, 16:23
I personally think the 'new' Lara Croft looks better and above all more beautiful than any virtual character ever has!!

15th Jul 2002, 16:59
Yes, Chronicles, I see this, although I just don't want to upload all those onto my server ;). There's a difference between all of them, except for TR:LR to TRC, since they were once one game. :)

15th Jul 2002, 18:09
j/k Seth lol :D

15th Jul 2002, 18:11

15th Jul 2002, 19:58
New Lara looks as though she could use some serious booze, hey dude you have a couple one for Lara one for me hehe:D New Lara, if she had a drink would look like my little smily face. hehe