View Full Version : Please add X-Axis Inversion in Patch 1.06. A love letter.

9th Dec 2016, 05:52
Dear Square-Enix and Crystal Dynamics,

I love you and have played a bajillion of your games, from Tomb Raider 1 on the PSX to Legacy of Kain, to Hitman 1-50, to 30 or more classic JRPGs.

I'm old school, like an old fool. My neuroplasticity is very inflexible. It's difficult for me to immerse myself in the newest game from one of my favorite franchises because there's a sorely missing X-Axis inversion setting.

Considering that the PC/Steam version got the X-Axis reversal capability added to patch 1.03 early on, can this possibly get added to the next ROTTR PS4 patch?

Love always, really,

A fan