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14th Jul 2002, 14:53
I was researching TRAOD on the ign website and I saw a review for AOD, It was a person from the E3 who played an exclusive demo of Angel Of Darkness.
He said it was exciting because he started of in a museum (as we all know it's about the Obsura Paintings of the 14th century) he ran forward and jumped onto a ledge just to find a secret lever, he pulled it and a secret door opened to a pool of water, other than the fact that the water will cool with better graphics, and there will be a new addition to 180 different moves, don't you think that this is the same repeat of the old TR Series on the PSone.

I think that if Eidos wants this to be a big change in the Tomb Raider Series. There should be something more exciting happening like you start off the game on the run from a big group of the Paris police or in a hurry to get out of a bulding because it is burnig and it can collapse in any minute.

Also When people say that there will be 180 new moves, that is not much because I calculated it and from the PSone Series, she already has 165 old moves, doesn't this mean that there will only be 15 new moves. So I for one don't think that, that is enough.

Instead of Eidos and Core doing it's same old method of Tomb Raider (which I still like) they should combine Tomb Raider, Syphon Filter, and Resident Evil making a very cool TR game. Syphon Filter has it's cool gameplay of running around, surprise missions and sneaking around while Resident Evil has the nice horror like surprise in it making Tomb Raider the Angel Of Darkness a game that will attract a lot of game consumers out there.

I hope that this message is taken into consideration, you can E-mail me back at Brad3388@hotmail.com if you agree with me.

14th Jul 2002, 15:14
Well, actually Core are doing exactly what you want. TR:AOD will be a mix of traditional TR gameplay, sneaking and horror. The short E3 demo is not representative for the gameplay, i think, it's more like "demonstrating the graphics" stuff. Also, i can't recall Lara having 165 moves in the old games(if there were so many, there would be at least 100 i don't know:) ).

14th Jul 2002, 16:55
I spoke to Gary Reading on Friday and he said that their will be 180 new moves compared to the previous 15. Adrain Smith says that their was no gameplay in the E3 trailer at all, not at all. You ain't seen nothing, that was just chicken shi-. That E3 trailer was meant to give you the feel of the new Lara and the graphics. Gary Reading say " Just wait until you see the water-your eyes will pop out. .(Even I'm excited by the water, it has been done like never before in a game and is breathtaking)."


30th Jul 2002, 18:13
I love the TR music. I hope in AOD it will be different then the rest. Um, I know this sounds kinda crazy, but, does anyone know where you can buy the music to the TR games??? Does anyone know for a fact that you can buy the music? Can anyone tell me.
Going crazy here!!! ;) ;) ;)