View Full Version : worried that your system won't play T3? check this out!

14th Jul 2002, 14:46
I received this email from Nvidia telling me I can download this game called America's Army: Operations and Soldiers. A high profile game developed by the US army to attract younger people into joining the US army I guess. The best thing is, it uses the next Gen Unreal engine (the same that T3 will be using) So if your worried about running T3 on your current spec maybe you could try this, it could give you a rough idea if your system will be able to run T3. Here’s the link, I’m not sure if this is a Ge force specific game? But I’ve also seen the game on file planet so check it out! I’m currently Downloading it on a dial up mainly because I want to see the next gen unreal engine…but it does look like an interesting game :)


14th Jul 2002, 17:44
The game is optimised for GeForce 2 cards.

From day one, we’ve been targeting the GeForce2 line of graphics processors with our content. We have a few of the latest GF3/ GF4 cards here for compatibility testing, but generally, our team develops on a mix of 32MB and 64MB GeForce2 cards. Given our aggressive schedule, we decided to forego some of the latest, advanced technology (bump mapping, pixel shading, etc.) and focus entirely on optimizing our experience for DirectX 8 and the GeForce2.

14th Jul 2002, 18:32
Well, when I have an actual system to play it on, I might try it. :)

14th Jul 2002, 18:52
Although, optimised for GF2, it’ll work with other graphics cards. Heres the Homepage ( with some more download links. This isn’t a demo BTW but a full game with major updates being added monthly…not bad for nothing :) not much like Thief though :D

Thorin Oakenshield
14th Jul 2002, 23:14
Have you played it yet Rich?
I'm downloading it now but I'm on dialup too:rolleyes:

I'm getting ADSL in November...Yipee:D

16th Jul 2002, 13:36
Yeah, Thorin I’ve now played it. Unfortunately it seems to be an online game only so I’ve only played the training missions. Looks a good game, but I’ve no chance to connecting to a server in the US so I’ll never know for sure. As for the new Unreal engine? Well, it’s all right I guess, can’t say that I’m that impressed by it! Runs nice and smooth, but doesn’t look next generation! I’m sure this game isn’t using the engine to its full capabilities. And games like UT2003 and Unreal2 will be much better graphical.

ADSL in Nov? nice one!.......taffer!:D

17th Jul 2002, 02:46
The thing is, Thief 3 and Deus Ex 2 won't be using the same engine--ISA is ripping out the guts and putting in their own code (esp. with the lighting and sound systems). The next-gen Unreal engine is just the foundation, they're doing a lot to it. Expect T3 to require more horsepower than RECON or UT 2003.