View Full Version : Square Characters in Wreck-It Ralph?

7th Nov 2012, 23:39
Since the movie has cameos and references to non-arcade games, I can't help but wonder if there were any Square cameos or references that I missed while watching the movie. So far, I've heard:

- In one of the transport tunnels Ralph takes to get to Game Central Station, there's grafitti on the wall that says "Aerith lives!"

- There's a Chocobo wandering around Game Central Station in one of the crowd shots.

And unfortunately, no, that green monster in the bad guy meeting scene isn't Marlboro King; Disney confirmed it was just a generic monster.

Did Square really allowed Disney to have character cameos? Are there really references to Square games in the movie?

9th Nov 2012, 16:51
Cool! I knew about --


-- from a friend, but I'll have to keep my eyes out for the other reference when I go see it myself. I hear it's pretty good storywise, but I've come to expect that from them.