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Like Gods
14th Jul 2002, 08:32
OK not to be a D**K but don't any of you think its kind of silly coming up with all these theories and Idea's of what is going to happen or what something mean and stuff like that because its going to be what ever CD and Eidos wants it to be but again I am just saying my idea on the subject I don't mean to be rude or piss anyone off or anything what do you thing???

14th Jul 2002, 08:44
Well, if we had no dicussions about this stuff, there would hardly be a need for a forum. I personally enjoy hearing peoples' theories on what might happen next. It keeps things interesting until the next game comes out.


14th Jul 2002, 08:56
No, it's not silly at all. For me, at least, this sort of thing is a direct outgrowth of my high school and college literature classes, where we are taught to scrutinize the meanings of elements in great detail. Looking at allusions, metaphors, etc. opens it up to a whole new level of meaning and understanding.

It's the same way with this series. I know this will just sound like more fan adulation, but these games are not just flashy graphics and bloody combat grafted onto whatever cheeseball story they could scrape together at the end of conceptualizing. Much thought has gone into the story arc, and themes are being explored through it. While it is true that some of the graphic elements we take as evidence, etc. are inisgnificant, many are not; Soul Reaver 2 especially made such things significant, and more than just clues to solving a puzzle; they are part of the ever-unfolding story, indeed the atmosphere of the world CD has crafted. The FMV's are made with an eye to the cinematic. The dialogue is written from a literary mindset; Amy Henning, who in addition to directing wrote the dialogue, told me when I asked about it that the dialogue is intended to be in a theatrical mode, and draws from Becket and T.S. Eliot. The voice acting, likewise, is performed by seasoned professinals of stage and screen (for instance, Simon Templeman (Kain) is classically trained; René Auberjonois should need no introduction) and directed by veterans of the dramatic arts.

Much effort has gone into the production of this series, and it is that level of attention that has inspired our devotion as fans, and our speculations. We know that Amy Henning is not going to read someone's theory and say, "Oh, what a great idea, let's drop what we planned and do that in the game instead." And I think the vast majority of us would be truly dissappointed if that's what CD did. We know the story is planned, but, just like reading a particularly engrossing novel or watching a well-produced play or film, one wonders where the story will turn. So it is with us: and when the next chapters are revealed, we will assimilate them, and the revelations they contain; and then, we'll start all over again, speculating as to what comes next. Such is creativity...

14th Jul 2002, 17:44
i agree with Darien

14th Jul 2002, 20:46
Darien I couldn't have said it any better.

14th Jul 2002, 22:01
Thanks... finally putting all that speech and debate in high school to some practical use... :p