View Full Version : The last revelation

14th Jul 2002, 06:57
Ok someone please help the dumb blonde...
I am stuck again as normal.. I am in the Lost Library. The part where you are on a slide and as soon as you drop you have to jump out of the way of the ball that is rolling at you. I did that. Then I pulled the lever. Now I had to climb the blocks in the middle of the room and jump over to the wall. Then climb in a hole in the wall and follow it around to where I am looking at the side of a lions head. I am supposed to do a running jump over to a place just above his eyes (says my walk thru) then pull a lever on top of his head. In turn will make his mouth open. From there crawl into his mouth. I can not jump on his head. Is there something I need to do special here to make it?? Someone please help me

14th Jul 2002, 10:12
Yes , that is what you supposed to do.Sticking the landing can be kind'a tricky on this one.So just keep adjusting the angle of the jump.Keep trying ,you will get eventually.Good luck.